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Top Tips for Helping Your Teen Learn to Drive

Learning to drive is a huge step in the life of any young adult, and in the US, it’s legal to drive from the tender age of just sixteen. It’s not uncommon for most sixteen-year olds to want to get behind the wheel of a car as soon as they can, and as a parent you’ll probably want to do what you can in order to help them gain this new skill and independence. We’ve put together some top tips for helping your teen learn how to drive.

Top Tips for Helping Your Teen Learn to Drive

Giving Driving Lessons

Provisional insurance can be obtained quite easily, especially if you have a lot of driving experience and have a few years of no claims on your car. Once insured, your teen will then be able to drive your car on all US roads. Along with driving lessons from a professional instructor, practice driving in your car can be a great way for your teen to gain more confidence and skill on the road before taking their test.

Theory Test Practice

Before your teen can go ahead and take their practical driving test, they will need to cross the hurdle that is the driving theory test. This test can be difficult to pass for some teens who are better at the practical side of things, whilst other drivers are better at remembering the Highway Code than putting it into practice, and will do better on the theory test than their practical test. No matter which type of learner your teen is, you can help them to prepare for the theory test with a free driving theory practice test.

Their Own Car

Maybe you’re thinking of upgrading your car and want to give it to your teen, or perhaps you’re thinking of treating them to a brand new set of wheels. Either way, getting your teen their own car can be very motivating for them when it comes to passing their driving test! And, they can also be insured to drive their own car before passing their driving test, provided that you are present of course. This will make transitioning to driving on the roads after passing their test a much easier process for them.

Motivate and Encourage

Even if you do not drive yourself, there are many ways in which you can help your teen whilst they are learning to drive. Often, learner drivers need to be encouraged and motivated, especially in the run up to their driving test when they may be feeling anxious about the potential outcome. Be sure to give your teen lots of encouragement during this time and remind them of how well they are doing.

Helping your teen to learn to drive can be done in various ways, and it will pay off when they are able to drive you around!