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5 Uses For Baby Oil That Don’t Involve A Baby

There has been a joke spreading around for years that if peanut oil is made from peanuts, then baby oil must be made from babies. Of course many people know by now that this is simply not the case. While baby oil is often used on baby’s skin, there are numerous other uses for it as well.

5 Uses For Baby Oil - Farmer's Wife Rambles

Ear Wax Build Up

If you have wax build up in your ear/ears, add a couple of drops of baby oil to the affected ear. Lie on the side of the affected ear for about five minutes and let the baby oil drip. Then, reverse sides while the remaining oil drips out.

Cracked Heels

Heels that are dry and cracked can be bothersome at times. Try applying a bit of baby oil to the area before bedtime. Be sure that you put socks on your feet so that you don’t get oil all over your sheets.

Jewelry Remover

If you have a ring on your finger that you are trying to take off and it just won’t budge, baby oil works great for getting it off. It works as a lubricant so just apply a good amount of baby oil to your finger and start twisting the ring. It should come off without my effort at all.

Bandage Remover

People with sensitive skin know how painful it can be to remove bandages from their skin. You can lessen the discomfort by applying a coat of baby oil to the sticky parts of the bandage. Once you start to peel off the bandage, it should come off with ease and little pain.

Paint Remover

If you have just completed a painting project and got some paint on you, baby oil can help get the paint off. Just dab some baby oil to the paint and then wash using soap and water.

Do you have any uses for baby oil that don’t include a baby?