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10 Practical and Creative Uses For Mason Jars

10 Practical and Creative Uses For Mason Jars

10 Creative Uses For Mason Jars10 Creative Uses For Mason Jars

Did you know that you can use mason jars for a lot more than just canning or freezer jams?  These versatile jars can be used for practical storage around the house or creative gifts too.  Best of all?  They are inexpensive and come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Here are ten uses for these unique jars.

Storing “Dry” Ingredients Such As Sugar And Flour

You could store dry ingredients in mason jars. Make labels for them and store anything from oatmeal to cornstarch. This way you can see how straight through them too, so you always know how much sugar or flour you have left.  When you open my cupboard doors this is how you will see most of my dehydrated items stored.

Recipe In A Jar Gifts

Make a dry mix recipe, such as brownies or cookies. Put it in a mason jar, label it, tie it with a bow and write directions for the recipient. For example, “add three eggs, ½ cup of milk, stir and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.” These make perfect gifts!

Drinking Glass

You don’t have to live in the South to enjoy your favorite beverage straight from a mason jar. Iced tea, soda or just plain water. It all tastes better from a mason jar.  We use these as our glasses because they are good for hot or cold items.  No need to have a cupboard full of different glasses.

Storing Office Supplies

Perk up your desk a little by using a mason jar to store your pens and pencils. Another great idea is to store other office supplies in them. They add character to your office, plus they help keep you organized.

Vases For Fresh Flowers

Put a bouquet of fresh flowers in a mason jar and use it as your table’s centerpiece or perhaps for your window. For an extra touch, add marbles or decorative rocks to the bottom of the jar. These also make great gifts!

Bathroom Storage

Use mason jars to store your bathroom supplies such as cotton balls, q-tips, soaps, or your toothbrush and toothpaste. What else could you store in them?

Creative Displays

There are many ways you can use mason jars for creative centerpieces or displays. Fill one with buttons or marbles and put it on your coffee table.


Need a container to store the rest of your lasagna? A mason jar does the trick! Store your leftovers in mason jars and you will always be able to see what you need to finish up.

A Candle Holder

Mason jars make excellent candle holders. You can make a decorative piece or you could just use it as a light for walking outside in the dark. I have seen mason jars filled an inch or so with marbles, filled with water, and a floating candle on the top. How cute!

Soap Dispenser

A mason jar can make a unique soap dispenser! Just drill a small hole in the top of the jar for the dispenser, fill with soap, and there you have it! These look great by any sink.

As you can see, these jars can be used for just about anything! What other uses can you think of?




  • My favorite use of mason jars are for drinking glasses. Old country style. I love it.

  • StacieinAtlanta

    Mason jars are awesome! They are kinda like the duct tape of storage. We use them all over the house….as cups, as storage, as vases…..there is a ton you can do with them.

  • Amy Desrosiers

    I am totally into mason jars and have been for quite sometime! They are just so versatile and pretty to fill, and use for canning, foods, and drinks!

  • Emily

    I use mine to freeze single serve smoothie ingredients. When I blend up the ingredients I pour the smoothie into it!

  • I never use mine for leftovers – and I don’t know why!?!? Thanks for the tips!

  • Sarah @ Must Have Mom

    Hmm, bathroom storage… I love that idea for mason jars! That just gave me a ton of ideas for mine.

  • Jennifer Soltys

    Great ideas. I love the look of them and really want to do more with them!

  • Mama to 5 BLessings

    A friend of mine has one as a soap dispenser I have been saying I need to make one -they look great!

  • Shauna

    Great tips… I really never thought of using them for anything other than jams and gifts, lol… Thanks for the post

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    I love Mason jars. I have a case in the garage that I can not wait to use. Thanks for the tips.

  • Liz Mays

    I’m currently using some as drinking glasses and one for a vase right now. I love them!

  • emily

    I love glass over plastic, so this is awesome to read! Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Pam

    We are using mason jars as the drinking glasses for my daughter’s wedding! Mason jars are so versatile.

  • Janice

    So many great ideas!

  • Dawn Lopez

    It’s so amazing what you can do with mason jars! They’re so simple but the variety of uses are incredible. I particularly love the look of mason jars as vases-very shabby chic 🙂

  • Mason Jars are my weakness. I use them for everything. I loved your ideas. My latest obsession is putting sand in the bottom with a tea candle and using them outside on the deck for a romantic feel. 🙂

  • Meagan

    I LOVE mason jars! I love the look of fresh flowers in mason jars.

    • Brandy

      I do a lot of fresh flowers in them because they are very “country”.

  • Kelsey Apley

    Great idea’s! I use them in my bathroom to store q-tips, face wipes and such!

  • I love the bathroom storage idea. You really came up with a bunch of ideas for them!