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Valentine Party Decoration Ideas

If you’re hosting a great party for Valentine’s Day, one of your biggest considerations has to be the decorations you’re going to use. Sprucing up the place with some simple red and pink balloons, though, just won’t do. There are some really amazing ideas out there. Here are just a few you can use to create the perfect them this February 14th.

Create a Banner

Grab a Cricut machine or go online to one of the many print stores to start your party off with the perfect customized banner. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” is the natural choice for text, but you could have a lot more fun with it than that. Go with some conversation heart sayings to make things a little spicier, or if you have a younger crowd, find something that will tickle their funny bone.

Red Glitter

Use it in your walkway or sprinkle it on your table for a special effect that you just can’t beat. You’ll have guests feeling excited to be at your party in no time.


You want to go with a romantic theme this year, right? Think about your lighting. It’s as important as any other holiday decoration out there, so select some candles to help enhance the party. They come in every shape, size, and scent. You could even go with a variety of floating candles to achieve that amazing effect you’re looking for in every corner of your home.

Rose Petals

It may sound a bit cliché, but nothing defines this special day quite like rose petals, and whether you go with the real thing or you just decide to go with silk rose petals you happened to find at the craft store, nothing says love quite like those gorgeous petals scattered all over your home.

The Candy Shop

Valentine’s Day is as much about romance and love as it is about candy, so don’t hesitate to use that as you’re decorating for your party. Set up a small candy shop somewhere in your home. Go with conversation hearts, the traditional chocolates, and all of your other favorite red and pink candy choices. Use cocktail glasses to help add to the fun, and be sure to put plenty of candy out!


Valentine’s Day is about love and kisses, right? Why not spread your kisses, in this case Hershey’s Kisses, throughout your party. Place them on a table runner for a unique centerpiece or just put them in little bowls throughout your space to help make certain everyone gets a kiss during your party.

The Red Carpet

You want to make everyone feel special on this day, and giving them the red carpet treatment is perfect. Add it to the middle of the room for that special feel, then everyone will get to walk down the red carpet at some point. Don’t have a red carpet? No worries! Use a red sheet or blanket. You can also buy a cute red carpet runner from a variety of party stores for less than you think.


One of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts of all time is jewelry, and using it to decorate will be stunning. Head to your local thrift store and pick up as much gaudy costume jewelry as you can, then use it to create streamers, centerpieces, and much more. Using the simple suggestions outlined above along with some festive Valentine’s Day tableware from a local or online party supply shop will help you create a beautiful atmosphere without too much fuss or stress.

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Jan Kremer is an event consultant that shares her affordable party planning tips, recipes for her favorite Valentine cookie gifts, and holiday craft ideas at Holiday Gifts & Gift Baskets where she is a regular blog contributor.




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