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Valentines Folding Heart for Kids

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for the whole family to share love and appreciation for each other. But when you think about how most people celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s no wonder kids think it’s all about eating candy and getting gifts. How can you make the day a little more meaningful? Set some time aside at the end of the day for a family activity like making Valentine’s Day cards for each other. 

Printable Valentines Folding Heart for Kids

Ask your kids to make a card for each member of the family (remember your pets, too!) Have them write specific things they love about each person, or have them describe one of their favorite memories with the person. You can also encourage them to draw a picture to express themselves. Then, each family member can take turns presenting their cards and reading them out loud. 

To get started, print out these foldable heart cards below. They’re easy to create with clear instructions. Plus, they provide plenty of space for writing or drawing. Don’t forget to print front-to-back to make sure the pattern is on both sides.

You can download the printables here.

Even something as simple as getting together, listening to your favorite music, and making cards for each other will make Valentine’s Day memorable for your family. Get cozy in your pajamas, gather around the table, and get crafting! Why not play some pajama party games while you’re at it? Sometimes it’s these little moments of family bonding that create the best memories.