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Where Hearts Are Free by Golden Keyes Parsons

I enjoyed this love story. It took place back in the 1600’s and I love reading and dreaming about that era. I know that times were tougher back then but I have to say simplier as well. Where Hearts Are Free was a perfect example of how women pushed through to achieve what they wanted.

Bridget has been in love with their indentured servant for years and it’s time is just about up.  She decides to reveal her love for him, even though they come from two different classes.  Although Philippe loves her he know that it’s not possible as her family is Catholic and his is Huguenots.  The Catholics are responsible for Philippe’s family having to come to America and therefore Philippe’s and his brother’s reasons for being indentured servants.  

Bridget’s parents give Philippe early release because they are trying to prevent a marriage from a different class and would like to see Bridget married off to a master who could support her and give her anything money can buy.  Bridget sees things different and believes she should only marry for love…

Bridget is a head strong girl and knows what she wants but feels trapped in making her family happy.  She knows Philippe won’t have her and she feels condemned to a life that she won’t enjoy.  She will do what it takes to make her family happy, but love comes through in the end. 

While reading Where Hearts Are Free I could picture myself in that time and what Bridget was going through.  I felt the book was well written and something I could did get lost in.  I don’t have as much time as I would like to read these days, and yet I couldn’t put this novel down.  I am intrigued to read the other two books in the Darkness to Light series. 

**I was provided a copy of Where Hearts Are Free for review.  This did not however influence my review and the above opinions are 100% mine.**




  • Nell

    I love historical fiction! Sounds very romantic! Thanks for the review.

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