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50+ Bacon Recipes ~ Bacon Lovers Dream Round Up

Bacon is a pretty hot commodity in our house. The kids love and I must say I would eat BLT's weekly if I could justify it healthy wise. Frankly bacon makes everything taste better, right? Just because I think bacon makes everything taste better doesn't mean I don't get stuck in a rut of cooking with bacon, or that I need a couple recipes that will use up the rest of the package. Below you will find 56 bacon recipes, yep 56 recipes that include bacon. Some will put the whole package to use and … [Read more...]

Pampers Love, Sleep and Play Wants To Feature Your Babies Photos

The coupons are being donated to The Farmer's Wife Rambles by Pampers for my participation in this blogging/trial program.  These items are not intended as payment for any favorable opinions. Does your baby have a cute way of playing that just makes your heart melt?  Or maybe they sleep in a funny way that just makes you laugh?  I bet you have a ton of pictures of them doing what they do best! Pampers has a a new campaign pays tribute to the millions of ways babies uniquely experience … [Read more...]

Popcorners Gives Movie Night Choices

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Popcorners. I did receive a sample to facilitate this review but that did not influence my thoughts.** It is summer time in Arizona.  If you know anything about Arizona you know that summer is not to be messed with. Last week alone we hit 119 degrees!  That sends most people run screaming to the hills and I don't blame them. So what do those of us that are crazy enough to stay here in Phoenix?  There is only really two things to do (when you have kids … [Read more...]

9 Summer Fun Kids Crafts To Help Beat The I’m Bored Syndrome

Summer is in full swing around here and I don't know about at your house but friends of mine are already getting the "I am bored" comments. Oh this funny little cycle that I just hope never happens in my house, someone please reassure me it will never happen. If the I am bored syndrome is hitting your house you can put one of these 9 Summer Fun Kid Crafts to use. Create a necklace for grandma with ease and I don't know about you but I can't pass up homemade slime.  I don't understand how … [Read more...]

24 Awesome Father’s Day Ideas

Father's Day is right around the corner and for those of us who slightly procrastinate (like myself) there are a few ideas that can be finished before this Sunday and nobody will ever know you weren't actually ready (don't read that Cory!). Whether it's dinner, treats or a homemade gift we have you covered.  Candy Bar Poems are always huge hit and the Grill Hands mitts are probably one of my favorite.  Cory doesn't wear grill mitts but if he did I know he would be getting a … [Read more...]

The Children’s Museum of Denver Free Days 2013

About The Children's Museum of Denver Free Days 2013 The Children’s Museum of Denver is all about children and their grown-ups learning through play. With interactive exhibits,year-round special events, and daily educational programming, there is always something fun and exciting to do. When Are The Children's Museum of Denver Free Days 2013 They have a free day every Tuesday from 4-8 pm for the rest of this year here are the dates: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Tuesday, July 2, … [Read more...]

Denver Firefighters Museum Free Days 2013

About Denver Firefighters Museum Free Days 2013 "If the heart of a great museum is its subject, then the Denver Firefighters Museum is truly one of the greatest in the world! The Museum offers not only outstanding exhibits on the history of firefighting in Denver focusing on the Denver Fire Department, but innovative and exciting hands-on activities that allow visitors to interact with the traditional exhibits. From groundbreaking state-of-the-art gallery space to engaging programs and special … [Read more...]

20 Melt In Your Mouth Potato Recipes

Did you know that a medium sized potato has only 90 calories and more potassium than a banana? Potatoes are actually really healthy it's all a matter of what we do to them that ruins their health value. We sure know how to take a 90 calorie potato and turn it into over 500 in the blink of an eye. As a potato farmer's wife I can do just about anything with potatoes. I even have a brownie recipe with them that I will share with you soon, I can't believe it's take me this as it is! Also, as … [Read more...]

Molly Brown House Museum Free days 2013

About Molly Brown House Museum Free Days 2013 As more and more historic properties were demolished in the 1960s, a group of preservation-minded Denver citizens joined efforts in 1970 to rescue the home of Titanic survivor Margaret Tobin Brown. The group incorporated as Historic Denver, Inc. and began major restoration efforts in order to return the home’s interior and exterior to its early 20th century grandeur. Guided tours of the Museum reach an average of 45,000 visitors a year, sharing the … [Read more...]

20 Tasty Beef Recipes

As I will tell you a couple of times today my husband is a meat and potatoes man, specifically red meat. I have found that he loves anything to do with red meat as long as he is not really the one who has to cook it. I mean he has no problems cooking cheeseburgers and a delicious steak but anything needing more steps than two just isn't going to happen. While I love to cook and am constantly adding recipes to my arsenal it can get a bit mundane in our house. It seems we eat a ton of tacos, … [Read more...]

25 Mother’s Day Gifts & Recipes To Spoil Your Mom

May showers bring in the holiday of Mother's Day. For many this brings up thoughts of homemade gifts and breakfast in bed that the husband and kiddos cooked. Boy do I hope the trend in my house changes because we generally have someone sick or another matter that out ways Mother's Day. For the last 5 years all I have wanted for Mother's Day is breakfast in a restaurant. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out because, well really it's my favorite meal, period. Breakfast in a restaurant … [Read more...]

25 Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation week starts May 6th - 10th and I am all into it this year. While I was doing my student teaching I had a mom who made each day of the week special for her childrens teachers and it really made an impact. If I can get my stuff together this week Coulter's teachers will be receiving one of these adorable tote bags (tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company) on that Thursday (we have a 4 day school week). I had better get my butt in gear because I have yet to start. … [Read more...]

17 Must Have Cookie Recipes

My family loves cookies! For them it's easy to grab and go and for me it's easy to put into Cory's lunches during the summer. He eats at home most days but there are a few days that I have to pack a lunch for. Cookies are a must, especially when one of the boys gets to go and has to have a packed lunch. It's kind of the bribery to get my husband to take one of the boys through lunch. The boys are ready to go regardless, but sometimes Cory needs a little extra incentive. I have my normal stand by … [Read more...]

24 Awesome Crock Pot Recipes

Summer will be here before you know it and for me that means my desire for cooking goes down.  It is hot outside and then it's hot in my house and the last thing I really want is to heat the house up with the oven or stand over a boiling pot. Summer also means sports, play dates at the pool and park and in general just running.  It's easy for me to put an average of 4,000 a miles a month on my Yukon, especially during summer.  One more reason why I use my crock pot more during the … [Read more...]