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24 Awesome Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner and for those of us who slightly procrastinate (like myself) there are a few ideas that can be finished before this Sunday and nobody will ever know you weren’t actually ready (don’t read that Cory!).

Whether it’s dinner, treats or a homemade gift we have you covered.  Candy Bar Poems are always huge hit and the Grill Hands mitts are probably one of my favorite.  Cory doesn’t wear grill mitts but if he did I know he would be getting a set.  I do make sure to try and document the boy’s hands in some way for Cory (plus it’s a little bit as a reminder for myself).  Cory doesn’t care about the memories of how small their hands and feet are now but we both look back at the first ones from 5 years ago and are slightly in ahh.

We have tradition that we tend to go 4-wheeling for Father’s Day and last year we joined a poker run.  That’s the plan for this year as well.  We will be joining the poker run and putting 30 miles on the 4-wheelers while making pit stops to gather our poker hand.  Last year we were so close to winning something and we sure hope the boys will be given their chance at a few better cards this year.  Either way we spend the day as a family and try to keep it simple.  Cory will wake up to homemade chocolate chip pancakes, a Father’s Day Coupons, the boys hand-prints to be saved and a day on 4-wheelers.  What more could he really ask for?

Glad this procrastinator married someone who is easy and low key!

Father’s Day Ideas – Gifts

FD crafts

Personalized Mug for Fathers Day
Fathers day craft: Following in daddy’s Footsteps
We Love you to Pieces craft with glue dots 
Picture Frame Craft
25 DIY craft ideas for Father’s day
Handprint T-shirt for dad
Monkey Toes
Homemade Grilled Mitt for dad
Father’s day Candy bar poem

Father’s Day Ideas – Dinners

FD Dinners


Father’s Day Ideas – Desserts

FD Desserts


Do you have a tradition for Father’s Day?  Perhaps a favorite gift that you always try to give?  Your husband’s favorite plans?  Can you put one of these Father’s Day Ideas to use?




  • Linette

    Love these ideas! Especially the grill hand mitts, so cute!

  • Erica

    I love the personalized mug idea, and I think my hubby would love the stromboli!