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9 Non Toy Gift Ideas

It’s time to start checking out gifts for the little ones as the holiday season is fast approaching.  I like to be done early so that usually means I start early.  I don’t like the rush of the crowds nor do I like getting pulled into the must buy items.  As I am also on a huge decluttering mission I’m looking for gifts that are not toys this year.  The boys will get a few from the grandparents and friends so this year Cory and I are really trying to avoid the toys.  Several of the non toy gift ideas on this list will be found under or tree this year.  I try to always include a couple books for each kid and they adore the Highlights magazine subscription.  

50 Non Toy Gift Ideas

9 Non Toy Gift Ideas

1) BOOKS – Books are always a great gift! You can stick
with some of the classics like: The Little House on the Prairie, The Hardy Boys OR see lots of Books sorted by age on Amazon! Also, Audible perfect for kids who like
to Listen to Stories!!

2) SUBSCRIPTIONS: What kid wouldn’t love to receive their favorite magazine each month OR a special something in the mail – just for them each month for their birthday year!  We belong to a book subscription site and my boys enjoy some of their favorite Disney books at lower costs than purchasing them off of the shelves.  

* Magazines – National Geographic Kids, National Geographic Little Kids, American Girl Magazine, Highlights For Children, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED KIDS Magazine
* Hair Tie Subscription Box – your little girl will get a fun box of new hair ties each month, new colors and styles in a gift box – who wouldn’t love getting a gift just for them each month!

3) CLASSES – Do you know a child that likes to Dance, Play an Instrument, wishes to learn a new language, draw or paint – enroll them in a class that will foster the things they love!

4) CLOTHES – Children grow like weeds! Seriously, I think they might grow faster than weeds! Grab them some clothes! I also find great clothes at great prices at FabKids, Zulily, Tea Collection, Kohl’s, H&M.

5) SHOES – You wouldn’t believe how much kids like to receive shoes! Grab them a new pair of sneakers, dress up shoes or slippers! Plus think outside the box and grab them some Heelys (sneakers and skates in one – O Ya! These are coo1 – see video!)!

6) VACATION – Why not incorporate your vacation into a gift! Go somewhere that would interest them and make it a surprise! I know you’ve all seen those surprise Disney vacation videos, so let you imagination run wild and plan a fun trip as a gift! Make sure to check out Travel Zoo for some discounts and inexpensive ideas!

7) RESTAURANT/DATE NIGHT – Make a Date Night Gift!! Spending some quality time is one of the best gifts of all! So plan a special night where your child will have your undivided attention. Go to dinner together and talk, talk, talk! Make sure to check out for inexpensive Gift Cards to local restaurants – you can even just show it on your phone or print it out for your date!

8) CALENDAR – You can make a custom calendar with photos to remind them of special times together! Each month of the year they can see great pictures that you choose! Plus you can add special dates – like birthdays, etc on their for them to remember! FUN!

9) HAIR ACCESSORIES -Girls love to fix their hair with pretty Hair Ties and barrettes! Grab a few of these goodies along with special brush.

Thanks Super Coupon Lady for compiling this huge list of gift giving ideas just in time for some big holiday shopping.  Check out the entire list at of 50 Non-Toy Gifts for Children




  • Jennifer Sikora

    These are all great tips. We gave our daughter an art class one year for her birthday. She loved it — and then on her 16th birthday, I took her for a massage. She said it was always much better than a toy!

  • Jenny

    We don’t do toys in our house for Christmas. The toy clutter drives me totally batty. I love “outside toys” like bikes, skateboards, sidewalk chalk, that sort of thing. And passes to local attractions like the zoo, Busch Gardens, etc. I think this year we’re going for passes to Universal Studios!!

  • Daisy

    I love the idea of non toy items. Books are my favorite because they are educational and fun.

  • Jen

    I need to give this list to the grandparents, I am sooooo over toys that don’t get played with!

  • Debi

    I have been wanting to get some ideas for no toy items too. I am over run with toys.