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15 Homemade Christmas Gifts

Christmas is almost here. Personally I think shopping for gifts can be a little overwhelming. I have a big family to buy for and it can take hours or even days to get all the shopping done.  This year I decided to go a different way and make a majority of the Christmas gifts.  I think people like stuff that is more personal and just made for them.  Of all the years of getting Christmas gifts the ones that I remember the most are the gifts that people took the time to make for me. I still have most of those gifts.  So here are a few Christmas gift ideas that my blogging friends were so happy to share with me.  

15 homemade Christmas Gifts

15 Homemade Christmas Gifts

1. Reindeer Rootbeer DIY ~ Simplee Thrifty 

2. Cinnamon Sugar Scrub ~ Sisters Saving Cents

3. Easy Birdseed Wreath ~ Amy’s Wandering

 4. Handmade Scarf ~ Northern Cheapskate

5. Easy 3 Ingredient Cinnamon Ornaments ~ The Kitchen is My Playground

 6. Chai Tea Latte Mix ~ The Kitchen is My Playground

7. Gilded Scented Christmas Ornaments~ Hydrangea Hippo

8. Gift Card Holder ~ Hydrangea Hippo 

9. Reindeer Hot Chocolate ~ Thrifty Jinxy 

10. Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial ~ One Creative Mommy 

11. Portable Key Holder ~ Hawthorne & Main

12. DIY Mistletoe Gift ~Views from the Ville

13. Easy Picture Frame ~ Confessions of an Overworked Mom 

14. DIY Frosted Candle Holder ~ A Mom’s Take 

15. DIY Yarn Wreath ~ A Mom’s Take