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10 Family Gift Ideas

Are you trying to find that perfect gift for a family you know? I have found that shopping for a family can actually be one of the most rewarding parts of the holiday season and so much easier than shopping for individuals! I thought I would share some of my best family gift ideas to help you find that perfect gift for the family in your life.

Family Gift Ideas

10 Family Gift Ideas

Pool Pass

Why not grab a local pool pass for the family in your life? When it’s hot outside and a family needs something to do, a pool pass is ideal. They can head to the pool anytime they want and money doesn’t need to be a factor. This is a very thoughtful gift that will last for several months over the summer.

Zoo Pass

If you have a local zoo near you, then a zoo pass is a wonderful gift ideal for the family. Zoo passes are ideal because they are a present the family can use nearly all year long. Most zoo passes are good for one year, which is the perfect amount of time for them to get to the zoo to see their favorite animals.

Amusement Park Passes

Is the family you’re buying for up for a little adventure? Why not give amusement park passes a go? Typically, you can watch for the best deals and purchase whenever you’re ready. This is one gift that will get lots of excited screams, as long as the family enjoys this sort of thing.

Book Store Gift Card

One of my favorite gifts to give is a book store gift card. I love the idea behind this because everyone can get their favorite books whenever they want. I think this is a thoughtful and easy way to purchase for a large family all in one shot. Most families enjoy reading and can put a gift card like this to good use.

Theater Tickets

If you have a theater close to your family this would be a great gift for a date night.  Some times just getting out with their significant other is a great break from the kids. Tickets are usually reasonable and your family will love them.


Aquariums are a great place to visit when there are kids. This is a great gift that can be used on one of those days parents need to get out of the house on a rainy/cold day. Kids have a great time learning about fish and other sea dwelling creatures and parents LOVE it too.   

Rec Center Pass

There is so much to do at a Rec Center that I can’t do it justice here. My local Rec center does everything from sports, to art, to exercise. Families can do stuff together and get out of the house. Prices are really reasonable and can be used anytime.  

Sporting Event

Does your hubby or another family memeber like sports?  You can’t go wrong with getting Sporting Event tickets! Buy this gift and you will be rewarded with screams and lots of hugs.  

Skating Rink Passes

This one is good for a laugh. Strap those Ice Skates on and bring the video camera and get a video that will make your family laugh for years to come. 

Painting Night Classes

There are a lot of painting classes out there that range in price range and ability level.  This makes for a great evening spent with family and once you complete your family paintings you now have some awesome wall art!  Who knows you may have a Picasso hiding in your family.  

Shopping for families gifts doesn’t need to be stressful. I hope these ideas help you think outside of the box when it comes to gifts that families will love.

What’s the best family gift your family has ever received?  Do you give family gifts or individual gifts?