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3 Tips for Staying Healthy at Home

When you’ve got one or more young kids at home, it can be a bit of a madhouse. Whether it’s your young baby who is always boisterous and needy or a pre-teen that still requires considerable supervision and attention from mom, being home with the kids is just like a full-time job.

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Staying healthy and keeping your kids healthy too is not easy either. There’s so much going on in a typical day. We understand, so here are some suggestions to help you out.

Clean Up Promptly to Avoid Bacterial Build Up

It’s easy to get behind with washing the dishes and cleaning up after meal times. Children’s activities follow haphazardly from one thing to the next and it’s easy to fall short and then put the task off. The only trouble with this approach is that bacteria can easily multiply and if not cleaned properly, may spread to other parts of the home.

Whenever possible, try to get into the habit of performing cleanup once mealtimes are done. Place the baby in the high chair for a few minutes while you sort things out, so you don’t have to keep your eye on him or her every second while you attend to cleaning duties.

Take the Right Health Supplements

Whether you would find multi-vitamins helpful to balance a patchy diet, or you are lacking enough iron or other minerals, taking supplements helps to restore the body’s balance. Whilst a healthy, balanced diet shouldn’t really need supplementation in most cases, the reality is that as busy mom’s, we often take care of the kids first and ourselves when we get the chance, which isn’t all that often.

With this imbalance, at least taking supplements ensures that your body gets what it needs to function reasonably well. Then take steps to get better organized in the future to have a healthier meal plan for yourself because that’s really needed in the long run.

Get Some Exercise

While you may believe that you are healthy and fit with your kids keeping you on your toes, it’s usually true that your health outlook could be better. The benefits of a regular exercise program include lower blood pressure, balanced blood sugar levels, less stress, increased strength, and it improves recovery times. Oh… and it also helps you tone up and lose a few pounds if you’re interested in that too.

If the health side of life is something you’re getting more concerned about, then perhaps you might be interested in the online masters in health administration at the University of Southern California. The EMHA degree online focuses on the marriage between local community healthcare and improved management in healthcare facilities. When having kids has made you more health conscious, then learning about health administration could support that new interest well for when you’re ready to move back into the workforce full-time.

Staying healthy at home is a challenge for even the best equipped, most caring moms. The level of self-sacrifice is palpable, but it’s good to appreciate the reality that if you don’t take care of your own health, then your children may suffer as a result. Like times when you skip a meal and start to snap at your kids impatiently because you lack the essential nutrients, your body needs to stay in balance, being cognizant of your health matters enormously.