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Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Families

Thanksgiving is a season for gathering, eating, visiting friends and relatives whishing thanks for everything in your life. This makes it an amazing period to make arts as well as craft work with the ones that you love! No matter whether your friends and relatives are six years old or sixty, crafts will enhance expressions of adore, happiness, excitement, and creativity which could make this season one you may always remember. Hand turkeys: Try to make these exactly like the ones you made … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Must Haves

  With Thanksgiving right around the corner you may be thinking about how to prepare your home. Or maybe you’re trying to come up with the perfect present for the host of your family’s Thanksgiving Day event. Here are a few Thanksgiving must haves that will make perfect presents or give your home the exact feel you want before the holiday. Thanksgiving could possibly be the most delicious holiday! Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving dish and that’s what makes the following items … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Souffle from Linda Wilson

Sweet Potato SoufflePlanning our first HUGE Family Thanksgiving dinner. This year on Thanksgiving we hope to have 50 to 60 family members in attendance. We're actually going to cook and dine in my church's fellowship hall. So, while thinking ahead I'm wondering how much Sweet Potato Souffle I should make. This dish has always been a hit with my children and now my granddaughter likes it too! Give it a try . . . .Ingredients:10 large sweet potatoes2 sticks of butter3-4 large eggs, beaten1/4 … [Read more...]