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10 Creative Uses for Ornaments

Do you seem to have an abundance of ornaments on hand? If so, you might be wondering what to do with them! Take a look below at 10 creative uses for ornaments that you can try. These 10 creative uses for ornaments are perfect for when you find that you have more ornaments than you can fit on your tree. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Uses For Ornaments

1. Use them as gift tags.
Tie an ornament to a gift with ribbon or twine. Using a permanent marker, write the name of the recipient directly on the ornament. The ornament is now a gift tag that the person can also hang on their tree!

2. Fill them up with fun.
Take clear ornaments and fill them with spices or bath salts. Add a homemade label, and tie them up with a ribbon. Give them as party favors or small holiday gifts to family and friends.

3. Donate them.
Take the ornaments to a local hospital, nursing home, or shelter where they can be used to decorate the space. Places such as this often work on a tight budget and are sure to appreciate the offering. If you want, you can even offer to decorate the space for them.

4. Use them as action figures.
Some of the figural ornaments can be used as action figures or small dolls. Just remove the hooks and hardware and you are ready to play. Note this should only be done with plastic ornaments, not glass.

5. Make a holiday wreath.
Gather a wreath form, some ornaments, and plenty of hot glue. Remove the hardware from the ornaments and using the hot glue, apply them to the wreath. In no time you will have a one of a kind holiday wreath made from your old ornaments.

6. Hide belongings in them.
Roll up special notes, money, and more and stash it away inside of an ornament. Hang the ornament where you will remember it as being a space for safe keeping. When you need the contents, simply remove the lid and use tweezers to get them out.

7. Make place cards.
Make sure each guest knows where they are sitting when you turn ornaments into place cards. Take the ornament and write the guest’s name on it with marker or gel pen. Place the ornament on the plate of the guest.

8. Give for door prizes.
Hold onto excess ornaments to give as door prizes at home, office, or neighborhood parties. As long as the ornament is in good shape, it can always be freshened up with some ribbon and gifted.

9. Make mini time capsules.
Write the date on the ornament and place small items inside to remind you of the year. It could be movie tickets, a love note, a newspaper clipping, etc. Roll the items up, place them inside, and store the ornament safely. When you open it up again, you can enjoy the treasures you tucked away.

10. Make bowl fillers.
You can lay the ornaments you no longer use on newspaper and give them a coat of bright and colorful spray paint. Take the ornaments and use them to fill bowls and vases year round. Choose a color to compliment your space, or just go for a metallic color such as silver or gold.

See how simple it can be to use ornaments in new and exciting ways? Give these 10 creative uses for ornaments a try and see what you can come up with.

How do you re-purpose your ornaments that no longer hang on your tree?