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How To Make Your Hobby A Full Time Job

Much of what we end up doing with our lives can be a matter of routine; irrelevant to what we really want. The trials of life can be so overwhelming sometimes that we can lose track of what we love to do. Whether you’re feeling out of place in a job or sense that you’ve abandoned a past passion, this article is aimed at those who’re looking to combine their hobby with their full- time job.

A  job that you enjoy – that you can lose track of time while doing – represents a wonderful opportunity for budding hobbyists. Presented below is a three-stage strategy to start combining the things you love with your source of income – making your hobby a full time job.

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Create Time and Space
In the adult world, time is precious. As responsibilities mount up, so does your free time to pursue your passions slips away. However, you should always make the time and space to practice your hobbies, working on your skill a little every day.

The skill or hobby that you’re training in and enjoying needn’t take up hours of your week – but you should be ready to invest more time in seriously developing your skills with the aim of achieving full-time work. Progressive change, adding a bit of extra talent at a time, an extra skill in your toolbox each time you practice, will soon produce great results, bringing you to a level of professionalism you can get paid for.
Use Search Engines

The internet brings many opportunities closer to our personal sphere. It allows individuals to connect to things unheard of in previous generations – such as jobs, training and advice. For instance, if you’re an animal fan – and who isn’t – you can connect to sites such as Vet Pet Jobs to translate your love of wildlife into a professional career once you have the required qualifications.

Use the internet as the enabling tool that it is in order to connect with other people like yourself, including those who’ve made it – let’s say as a vet – by taking courses, training and advice from online resources. You have a world of opportunity at your fingertips – you should exploit it to your advantage to reap the benefits that it offers. 


We live in the network society, with opportunities coming not only from the World Wide Web but from the smaller web of people that you surround yourself with. These people inspire, assist and encourage your hobbies, and as such, you should form a network of those you can trust. Internships and apprenticeships are also great ways to undergo training while also networking with like-minded individuals.

If you have a hobby of painting, then surround yourself by people who paint. Ideally, people close to your level of skill with just a little more experience. Slowly, you’ll establish yourself and, who knows, you may end up exhibiting, selling commissioned paintings, or finding other ways to
make money out of your passions.

These three methods are tried-and-tested ways to transform the hobby you love doing into a job you love working at. Life’s too short to abandon the things you love, so follow the three tips above to maximize your potential in life.