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Types of Exercises Necessary for Losing Excess Weight

 If you want to slowly but surely lose weight for the long term, then make exercise a part of your daily regimen. The most effective weight loss plans include exercise as their vital component. The guiding principle in losing weight through exercising is to burn calories more than what you take in. So for you to get rid of those excess pounds on your weighing scale, these are the types of exercises you can choose from.

Be sure to pick what you enjoy the most! Or try mixing them in your fitness schedule if you want.

Brisk Walking

The average person is said to lose 300 calories in an hour of brisk walking. Aside from being a simple form of exercise, it is an enjoyable thing to do, especially since you get to behold the sights and enjoy the fresh air. It also promotes good posture, as it harnesses your speed on foot. You cannot afford to take fast steps with a crouched back because you need to be comfortable with your breathing.


This may sound so typical, but running has been one of the best and easiest types of exercise. It shouldn’t be a surprise if this activity counts as a necessity for losing excess weight, should it?

The average person can actually burn more than 900 calories in an hour of 8 mph running. However, if you can’t cope up with that speed, you can settle with 5mph. You’ll still be burning up close to 600 calories in an hour. Amazing, isn’t it?

Aerobic Workouts

Aerobic workouts help you burn more than 500 calories in an hour. It also effectively raises body metabolism, even hours after doing the exercise. You can pay for classes in a gym or maybe just buy some aerobics DVDs and do them at home. If you love dancing, then choose aerobic dance steps to make you enjoy exercising even more.

Equipment Exercise

If you prefer the aid of a machine to do your physical fitness routine, then you can choose exercise equipments such as treadmills, stairmaster, stepmill, among many others. They are also excellent ways to burn calories—more than 500 calories per hour. However, it all depends on how intensely you do the exercises. The more rigidly you use the machine’s functionalities, the greater the calorie-burning impact is. If you have the means, invest in one so you can exercise at home.

Nothing really beats losing weight through proper exercise. Like any other activity, it would not be effective if you do not devote extra time for it. Being committed to your weight losing goal is an utmost necessity.

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