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Inexpensive Thank You Ideas

Are you trying to find a way to say “thank you” but aren’t sure how? There are several ways you can say thank you without breaking the bank. Let me share my inexpensive thank you ideas with you, so you can show everyone how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Inexpensive Thank You Ideas

Inexpensive Thank You Ideas

Write a Genuine Letter

I know this may sound old fashioned, but sitting down and writing a thank you note is a brilliant way to say thank you. And it doesn’t cost a fortune. You can even whip out some fancy letter head. Nothing warms a heart faster than a hand written thank you note.

Send an e-certificate

Some things are best delivered quickly and that’s what e-certificates are for. You can purchase gift certificates through places like Barnes and Noble and Starbucks and send them straight through the email. Your recipient gets them quickly and you were able to say thank you!

Small Gift Basket

If you can put together a gift basket, this is an excellent way to say “thank you” in an inexpensive, but nice way. Head to the dollar store to get your best ideas for a cheap price! You can get the gift basket, tissue paper and other items for a price your budget will love.

Thank You Coupons

If you’re sending a thank you note to close family and friends, throw in some “thank you coupons.”  These coupons can be an added bonus to a thank you note. The best thing about thank you coupons is that they don’t have to fancy and you can offer the recipient anything you’d like. Maybe they have kids, you can offer free babysitting. The options are endless!

Saying thank you is a great thing to do for the person who has done a nice thing for you. While sending a thank you note isn’t always expected, it is a very nice gesture! What are some of your inexpensive thank you ideas?