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How to Road Trip in a Foreign Land

There are two kinds of road trip. One you begin spontaneously from your own front door, hopping into your car to find solace on the open road. And in the other, you arrive in a foreign land to explore new things from the comfort of a rented vehicle. In this article, you’ll find the roadmap for
your road trip abroad – everything you need to know to make your road-based holiday a complete success. From documentation to finding your way to unmissable locations, you’ll find the advice presented below helps you get the most out of your foreign road trip.
Use Big Airports



There are a few documents you’ll need when driving abroad – and you should check if there are any extra documents required by the country you’re visiting by searching online.
You’ll, of course, need a valid driving license from your own country. You may well require an international driving permit, too. And for traveling across borders, you might find you need extra documentation, including your travel plans and your expected date of departure.
Make sure you rigorously check this and get your papers in order before you fly.



As you’re abroad, you’ll need to either rent or buy a car. In nearly every case, a rental will be far cheaper and less complicated. You won’t have to stress yourself too much with car rental – click here to find the most ideal car rental for your road trip.
You’ll need a credit card in order to rent a car in most countries – it’ll be a guarantee should you damage or steal the vehicle. You will also likely need to leave some identification documents.
Tip: Be sure to video around your rented car, taking in all pre-existing bumps and scrapes before you drive.



Only you can know where you want to go, and who you want to meet while you’re on your travels. Some people enjoy the freedom of going with the flow; others prefer to set their itinerary ahead of time to gobble up all the major sights while on their journey.
What’s key is that you find a way to prevent yourself from getting lost. Naturally, sometimes being lost is exactly the kind of situation that can lead to the best travel stories of all – but  being lost in an unfamiliar place can equally lead to some undesirable scenarios.
Maps, smartphones and satellite navigation should be enough to keep you on the right track – or techniques to help you cope with communication with local people.

The Experience


Ultimately, all the effort you put into road tripping in a foreign country is to extract a unique and memorable experience from your time exploring the open road. Never sacrifice the opportunity for adventure – you’re in the rare position of being independently mobile while you’re driving in a
foreign place.
Allow yourself to ride over any obstacles and swerve all the roadblocks that fate might put in your way. That’s all part of the experience. You’re on a road trip – they naturally come with their lows as well as their incredible highs.
Road tripping in a foreign land requires a little more organization than road trips in your home country – but the tips provided here should sit you in good stead to enjoy your experience of driving and exploring abroad.