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26 Refreshingly Cool Frozen Beverage Recipes

Spring is officially here and that means that the weather will be heating up and flowers will start to take bloom. New life will be growing in my flower beds and that always puts me into a good mood. I sure do hope that the iris’s I planted last year pulled through the winter. I can tell my two tulips I planted last year did.

With the weather getting warmer that also means I will be putting away my spiced tea and homemade hot chocolate for drinks like the Purple Cow. Below you will find a round-up of 26 iced or frozen beverage recipes that will help you beat the heat that is sure to come.

Beverage Collage 3.5

1.  Midnight Margarita  Alcoholic 21+
2.  Strawberry Peach Fizz
3.  Raspberry Oatmeal Smoothie
4.  Iced Coconut Chai Tea
5.  Mango Banana Pineapple Smoothie
6. Non-Alcoholic Margarita
7.  Watermelon Mint Smoothie
8.  Key Lime Pie Green Smoothie

Cold Beverages Collage 11.  Honey Rhubarb Iced Tea
2.  Juicing Spinach
3.  Grape, Pear and Honey Homemade Natural Soda
4.  Kiwi Avocado Smoothie
5.  Purple Cow Beverage
6.  Colored Ice
7.  Pomegranate Lemon Green Sun Tea
8.  Cholados
9.  Limeade Frosty

Beverage Collage 2

1.  Iced Delight With International Delight
2.  DIY Homemade Iced Coffee
3.  Thai Iced Tea  Diet Friendly
4.  Strawberry Lemonade
5.  Apricot & Raspberry Iced Tea
6.  Sweet Pineapple Strawberry Spa Water
7.  Perfect Peppermint Iced Coffee
8.  Vootbeer Alcoholic 21+
9.  Garden Green Smoothie




  • Lori Who Needs A Cape?

    I see a couple of these cold beverages in my future, especially the Strawberry Peach Fizz…YUM!

  • diane

    Thanks so much for sharing my natural soda recipe! I hope your readers enjoy this refreshing drink!

  • Amy Tolley

    thanks for sharing so many wonderful sounding drinks i will have to try some of them they look wonderful…

    • Brandy

      I am glad you enjoyed the drink list. There sure are enough to keep you cool this summer as the temperatures climb.

  • Brooke

    So many of these sound amazing, great list! Pinning 🙂

  • Beth @ In Good Cents

    Thanks so much for sharing my Iced Coffee Recipe!

    • Brandy

      Thank you Beth for sharing your recipe with me. Your recipe is delicious!

  • Emily

    I know that the calendar says it’s April, but Mother Nature has other things on her mind. We had snow flurries on Tuesday! Maybe if I make a few of these drinks the weather will warm up?! I’m going to try the Thai Iced Tea either way, that looks delicious!

  • lena

    I am so uneducated when it comes to drinks – and so many of these look ver appetizing, I might just have to start trying

  • diane

    Thanks so much for spotlighting my Grape, Pear and Honey Homemade Natural Soda. I hope your readers like it. Very refreshing on a hot summer day!

    • Brandy

      Thank you for letting me share your Grape, Pear and Honey Natural Soda. I can’t wait to give it a try this summer and I love having the alternative to pop and juice in my arsenal.

  • LaVonne

    Great roundup. Thank you for including my spinach juice recipe!

    Blessings 😉