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3 Ways To Continue Learning Through The Summer

Learn through summer

3 Ways To Continue Learning Through The Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, and whether you’re a stay at home mom, a working mom, a homeschooling mom, or one that sends her children to public school (or maybe a combination of all of them), you are probably trying to think of ways to keep your kids interested in school during those summer months. Here are three great tips to help your children stay focused on education as they enjoy their vacation.

There’s An App For It

Okay, so you may not like the idea of giving your child a lot of electronics during the summer. Whatever happened to kids playing outside, right? Well, apps have been shown to improve learning and critical thinking skills, plus kids need to learn the technology. It is all around them, after all. To limit the technological pursuits of a child in the digital age could actually set your child behind his or her peers. Allow them time each day to pursue some fun with an app that is educational and interesting to them. Not only will they learn about technology, but also time management (they only get a certain amount of time daily, remember) and whatever the app is designed to teach.

Read To Your Child

Read to your child daily and have them read to you every single day to help them develop those skills. Do not rely on a computer to do this for you. Your children need to read, out loud, and they need you to read to them. You can set up a picnic in the park, build a fort inside, or go to the library to do the reading. It doesn’t have to be boring! Set up themed days and read books based on those themes to get your child deeply engaged.

Get Physical

Studies have shown that physical activity increases academic ability- so get outside and play! Playing doesn’t have to just mean running and jumping and sliding and yelling, though. It can be structured play like asking your kids to jump rope to a rhyme, or having them count out loud the number of monkey bars they cross at the playground. Older kids can do math as part of an obstacle course, or they can spell out words as they complete a game of hopscotch. This combines educational pursuits and physical challenges to truly get all parts of their little bodies up and going. Of course, the running, jumping, yelling, and sliding can be allowed for fun, too!