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4 Fun Non-Scary Halloween Books

I swear I must shelter my kids or because of their sensitive personalities we still can’t do anything scary.  By that I mean nothing scary as my kids still can’t handle Scooby Doo, The Lion King (can you believe that is 20 years old), The Little Mermaid (we hard Ursula nightmares for weeks) or just about anything else with a bad guy/girl.  This makes Halloween a tricky time of year.  A time of year filled with ghosts, goblins and creepy things in the night that jump out at you.  

No matter the season or holiday reading is important in our house.  Reading takes up places we might never go and it’s a huge learning experience in more ways than one.  With Halloween coming up as usual I want to hit on some Halloween reading without the worry of nightmares.  Here is my list of Halloween books for your kids that are sure to knock your Halloween socks off but not keep them up for hours on end!


4 Fun Non-Scary Halloween Books

I’m Looking for a Monster by Timothy Young

I first got this book as a recommendation from a friend and I think it’s a genius book for kids. This is a popup book that helps Timothy find the ultimate perfect monster that’s not too scary or too big.

Frankenstein Takes the Cake by Adam Rex 

This is one hilarious book that every kid will love. The book uses clever pictures to help bring the world of Halloween to life, and this of course is one creative book you won’t want to miss out on.  Take note that this one is aimed for older kids to fully understand all the innuendos.  

Dora’s Spooky Halloween Book by Mark Sonali Fry

Do you love Dora? I’ve always thought that Dora was a pretty incredible cartoon character and she really helps bring books to life. Dora helps calm down fears of Halloween for kids and it’s just a great book to spend time reading as a family.

I’m Not Afraid of Halloween by Marion Bauer

Many kids are afraid of Halloween but this book helps calm their fears. Not all parts of Halloween have to be scary and that’s what I love about this book the most. Spend time reading about the not-so-scary part of Halloween this year with the help of this book!

Make Halloween fun with your kids this year by checking out the books I’ve recommended. If your kids love the scarier stuff for Halloween, then you can always dig into those as they grow older. Right now I prefer the books that are ideal for our whole family to read together with my young boys.

Do you have a favorite Halloween book to ready with your kids?  One from your childhood that still holds yearly appeal? 




  • Scott

    We love the scary stuff, so probably not for us. However, I can see this being perfect for those with much younger kids!

  • Dede

    We read “Good Night Little Pumpkin” which is a non-scary book about Halloween. Although my kids like to dress up, some stories can be nightmare inducing!

  • Daisy

    That Dora’s Spooky Halloween book would be great for my preschooler. He loves Dora and I like that it’s not too scary for him to read before bedtime.

  • Jennifer Sikora

    I miss my kids being this small so that we can read books like these. They sound really fun and full of Halloween spooky!

  • Ellen Christian

    I love this. Not every child has the personality for scary things especially at a young age!