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5 Boredom Busters for Christmas Break

This post on 5 Boredom Busters for Christmas Break is brought to you by my partnership with Family Christian Stores Bookstores.

Christmas break is right around the corner. In fact, it’s less than two months away. This will be my first Christmas break experiencing my kids being home for an extended period of time (they are only in kindergarten and preschool). Check out these five boredom busters for helping the whole family get through Christmas break.

#1. Movie Marathon

One of my favorite things to do with my kids over any long break is to watch movies. We choose their favorite movies and just watch a ton of them. Don’t worry, we take time to eat popcorn and make snacks together.

#2. Dance Parties

Thanks to our favorite “cd” outlet, Family Christian Bookstores, we’re able to stock up on affordable CD’s that the kids love and have dance parties! My husband has great taste in music and the kids follow along with whatever he puts in. Luckily, it’s always uplifting and the kids can praise God along with us.

#3. Read Stories Together

What better way to bond than to read stories together? Our favorite “book” to read is the kid’s bible but we also love to read other books like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”  Reading together truly is an awesome boredom buster for the kids.

#4. Head to a Bounce House

We love our local bounce houses and that is one way we beat the boredom around the holidays. Getting out of the house is always fun when you have three little boys.

#5. Visit a Nursing Home

Back in high school I used to visit local nursing homes all the time. One way to keep your kids aligned with the holiday reason for the season is to get them acquainted with a local nursing home.

I’m truly thankful that I can allow my kids to experience this kind of fun while they are out of school for a few weeks. We’ll also be heading to Family Christian Bookstores to check out their merchandise. Our favorite items to pick out are Veggie Tales and almost any Christian CD.

What are some of your best boredom busters for Christmas break?




  • Tina @ My Highest Self

    These are great, we do all of those on break. We also like to go to the library, children’s museum, and Dave & Busters!

  • Teressa Morris

    These are some great tips!! When my kids were school age we used to love to make crafts on breaks. Gingerbread house decoration contests were one of our favorites.

  • katherine

    We celebrate Hanukkah but these are great tips even for us!

  • Patty

    I am not going to be much help here since I don’t have children. I know if I am ever bored – which doesn’t happen often – I turn to reading or baking so perhaps a cookie baking marathon?

  • Joely Smith

    I love your 5th idea! Teaching kids how to connect with elderly is important and a rewarding experience for all involved. So many ways to “give back” but get as much out of it as you put in. The other ideas are great ones. We did a lot of them when my kids were younger.

  • Liz @ Yes/No Films

    Movie marathons are always fun, you can check my site for suggestions if needed :). A nursing home visit would be a nice thing to do also, I used to play violin and my local nursing home while in high school.

  • Dianna

    I plan to hit the craft store and let the kids make ornaments to tuck in family gifts. I’m hoping that will keep them occupied for a little while!

  • Mama to 5 BLessings

    Our homeschool group used to meet at a nursing home and sing Christmas carols to them. It was such a blessing to get to see the smiles on their faces.

  • Nicole Etolen

    We’re big on movie marathons. It’s a great, inexpensive way to spend time together.

  • dede

    The Bounce House is a definite must for us. My son loves it and I can enjoy the Wi-Fi while he plays.

  • Nancy Lustri

    Love your ideas! Visiting a nursing home is a great one. The elderly are often forgotten about during the hectic season and really enjoy seeing younger children. It teaches the children how precious our elders are to us – wise and carry with them so much history you can’t learn from a text book.

  • Ellen Christian

    I seriously want a movie marathon. I’m not sure which yet. I’m thinking Murder She Wrote or maybe Good Neighbors. I need to plan it soon.