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6 Tips To Avoid Credit Card Fraud

FraudCredit card fraud is a leading cause of fraud in the United States today. With technology it is so easy for someone else to get your information. If you want to avoid credit card fraud, then you need to check out these 6 tips:

#1. Use Cash

Using cash means that you have no credit card trail. You can get a set allotment of cash out and be done with it. Of course you run the risk of someone stealing your cash too. You would need to keep it in a safe place and out of site.

#2. Use Extreme Caution

Let’s all admit it. We aren’t always the best with our credit cards. Sometimes we just shove them into our pocket or leave them laying around the house. When you have a credit card, you should use it with extreme caution. Try to always put it into a safe place.

#3. Prepaid Card

I have recently come up with a great way to protect my credit card from fraud. I signed up for a prepaid card from which comes in hundreds of different designs. I can use the card and not worry about someone hacking my information. It’s not a credit card, so they do not have unlimited access to my funds. Plus there are some protection perks for using a prepaid card from  A pre-paid card from offers the following perks:

  • No overdraft, late or penalty fees
  • No minimum balance
  • Access to ATMs worldwide
  • Free direct deposit
  • Simple fee plan

#4. Be Careful Using a Credit Card Online

A lot of credit card fraud actually occurs online. There are phishing websites that will grab your credit card information when you’re not looking. If you can avoid using a credit card online, then by all means do so. Check with your credit card provider to ensure you are protected in case you are a victim of credit card fraud online.

credit card fraud

#5. Pay Attention to Paper Bills

If someone interferes with your mail, they can learn a lot about you and your credit cards. That’s why you need to make sure you know when your credit card information should be arriving. Make sure you get your new cards activated and signed, so no one else can get their fingers on them.

#6. Utilize a Shredder

Try not to hand out your credit card number over the phone. If a person is writing down your credit card number after a purchase, then make sure that paper gets destroyed. A paper shredder is the best way to destroy this sort of information, but you can also use scissors or rip the paper into tiny shreds.

There are several ways to avoid credit card fraud. A prepaid card from, be extra cautious, not giving out your credit card number and etc. Use caution with your credit card because fraud can be a huge mess to clean up.