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Homemade Halloween Wreath For Only $3

This Halloween Wreath is a very frugal way to make your very own customized wreath for Halloween time. It is the perfect addition to add to your door to welcome all the little trick-or-treaters looking to get some candy!! I loved making this wreath and I hope you do too!  With only $3 and 45 minutes of time invested I will be sporting this fun Halloween Wreath this October.

Halloween Wreath

The Cast To Make Your Own Halloween Wreath

Wire Hanger (had on hand)
Black and orange ribbon ($1 at the dollar store)
Foam Halloween silhouette s($1 at the dollar store)
Fake cob webbing ($1 at the dollar store)
Hot glue gun

Instructions To Make Your Own Halloween Wreath

1.  The very first thing you need to do is form your wire hanger into a circle! This was a bit difficult to get perfectly round so I recommend wrapping the hanger around a circular bucket and took pliers to form it to the shape of the bucket, that seems to work best!

2.  Next, you will need your black ribbon and you are just going to start simple folding over the ribbon little by little to kind of form that ruffle shape and hot glue each piece to the wire hanger as you go until you run out of ribbon!

3.  Now, the little orange bows on mine are optional but I just chose to put them on there because I had some orange ribbon already! So I just hot glued those babies on!

4.  Next, the pack of foam Halloween shapes that I bought came with I believe six shapes in different colors and such. So I just picked three, it doesn’t matter which ones you pick, that part is up to you! And glue those in that top corner. I chose not to put ribbon the spot where I put my shapes but you can put ribbon all the way around if you would like to!

5.  The final step is to take some of that spider webbing and just kinda wrap it around the wreath wherever you would like! I didn’t even bother gluing this or anything, I just wove it around the other stuff on my wreath and it stayed really well!

Well, there you have it! A very easy, very cheap Halloween Wreath for your door!  I hope you enjoy making this wreath as much as I did!  Have fun!

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  • Laura

    Love Dollar Store crafts…very cute!!