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Homemade Candy Corn Halloween Wreath ~ Make Your Own For $5

This adorable Homemade Candy Corn Halloween Wreath is a bit tedious but super easy and looks so cute out on display outside your house! It looks so cute and will draw a ton of positive attention to your house during the Halloween holiday!  Hard to believe that this Candy Corn Halloween Wreath can be made for around $5 and less than a hour and a half.   Let’s get started on how to make this thing already!!

Homemade Candy Corn Wreath For $5

The Cast Of Homemade Candy Corn Halloween Wreath

Orange Pool Noodle ($1 at the Dollar Tree)
2 bags of candy corn ($1 each at the Dollar Tree)
Halloween ribbon ($1 at the Dollar Tree)
Happy Halloween sign ($1 at the Dollar Tree)
Duct tape (on hand)
Hot glue gun (on hand)

Directions To Make Your Own Homemade Candy Corn Halloween Wreath

1.  First you need to make your pool noodle into a circle! Now, I cut my pool noodle down the center of it long ways so that it was not so thick! And that way I have another one if I wanted to make another wreath! Now, once you have your noodle cut in half, form it into a circle and duct tape it so it stays together!

2.  Now, get your hot glue gun hot and begin gluing those candy corns on there alternating direction! Up and down, up and down, so on and so forth! I began with the very inner part of the wreath and worked my way out, it only took me two wrings to cover to the point where you could see anymore! This took about one and a half bags of candy corn also!

3.  After you are done with that, take along piece of your ribbon and tie a knot around the top of the noodle (oh, I thought I would also mention that I left where I was going to put the ribbon without candy corn because I felt like the candy corn would fall off if I tried to tie the ribbon around it) Now, tie the ribbon in a large bow and fix it to however you like!

4.  Lastly, you want to take your Halloween hanging piece and cut the string on that in the center. Now flip your wreath over and tape the two sides to the back of the wreath so that it is then connected to your wreath, now it just hangs there and you can adjust it within your wreath! I know you’re probably thinking why didn’t I just glue it down to the wreath, well it wasn’t as wide as the middle of the wreath, so I couldn’t do that!

DIY Candy Corn Halloween Wreath For $5

Now you’re done! Isn’t that adorable?! Now if you notice in the picture how the wreath kinda forms more of an ovular shape than a circular shape, it’s because the candy corn is so heavy on the foam! But I think it kinda looks like a pumpkin that way so I like it! I hope you enjoy your wreath, try not to eat too much candy corn in the process of making it!

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