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Book Review of The Biggest Burp Ever by Kenn Nesbit

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When it comes down to reading with my boys it can be hard to make it a priority, if we’re being honest. I’ve been trying to be on top of reading with my kids because I know it’s extremely important. That’s why I’ve gotten a little more creative with at I’m reading to my kids!

Short Stories

Just because your kids are little it doesn’t mean you have to read them picture books the entire time. That’s why I’ve started reading short stories to my kiddos. They love hearing stories that they’ve never heard before and the stories are short enough to keep their attention.

Poem Books

My kids are in love with poem books. I’m so excited to tell you about a book I’ve been reading with them. It’s called The Biggest Burp Ever by Kenn Nesbit. You can find the book on Amazon right here.

I have to say that my kids are so in love with the poems in this book. Of course, I have all boys and it’s so easy to make them laugh but they are awesome at letting me read this book to them. This book is appropriate for kids, but it’s also funny.

I can tell you that whether your child is learning how to read or enjoys being read to, you will love this book! I can also promise that as an adult, you will also find this poem book quite hilarious.


Another way I’ve gotten my kids involved in reading is by having them write me poems! They of course can’t exactly write the greatest right now, so they tell me what they want to say and I write it. We have a grand old time coming up with funny poems to write together thanks to The Biggest Burp Ever by Kenn Nesbit.