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An Organized House = Less Stress & Money Savings

Organizing is always fun no matter what age or role you have. There are several things you can do to make organizing around your home a little more fun which will make your life less stressful.  Being organized means you spend less time cleaning, looking for items and also will save you money from purchasing duplicates.  When some hear the word organizing they envision the work that goes into organizing.  It doesn’t have to be all about the work and for most, once the initial organizing has been completed it’s all about maintaining it.  Make organizing fun and your life a little easier as well with these tips.

An Organized House equals Less Stress & Money Savings

An Organized House = Less Stress & Money Savings

#1. Color Coding
Never forget that color coding was created to make your life easier. You can color code everything from your pantry to the toys.

#2. Drying Rack
It’s been said that a drying rack makes a really clever organizing tool. You can organize pesky items like food storage lids.

#3. Utilize Toilet Paper Rolls
Toiler paper rolls are awesome on so many levels. You can use them to store cords or even socks if that’s what your heart desires.

#4. Put Shelves Everywhere
One of the biggest storage options you have is to place shelves and hooks all over your house. If you have no more room on the floor in your home, it’s time to look for a higher space.

#5. Shoe Organizer
In my opinion, you can never have too many shoe organizers in your home. Put one on the back of every door to have an incredibly organized home.

#6. Laundry Baskets
You know that laundry baskets aren’t just for laundry right? You can actually use laundry baskets to hang from ceilings with screw hooks. You can place anything your heart desires inside of a laundry basket.

#7. Plastic Tubs
To organize things a little better, inside your home, place a plastic tub underneath your sinks. You can put all of your items in those plastic tubs to help keep everything from falling too far back.

#8. Baby Wipe Containers
These containers are too useful to throw out. You can use them for everything in your home from plastic bags, beans to storing game pieces.

Baby Wipe Container Uses


#9. Corkboard
This next tip is pure genius. Take actual corkboard and place it inside one of your cabinets, or several. You can hang items up on the corkboard to help you stay more organized. However, you remain clutter free because your counter doesn’t have papers all over.

#10. Get Rid of the Junk
How much stuff do you have to organize? My main tip is to get rid of the junk. You don’t need to keep all of that stuff inside of your home. It’s really time to let go of some of it.

Taking the time to organize your home will help you feel incredible. No more clutter and no more hours of cleaning on the weekends. Learn to clean and organize as you go!

Any tips you would add on how to make organizing fun and getting the family involved?




  • Sarah | Must Have Mom

    I am so much less stressed if my home is organized! I am on a big organizing kick right now! I can’t wait until I’m done and can enjoy the rewards of my work!

  • Jenna Wood

    I can never have enough shelves! I have some shelves that are even out in the open, but they still give me piece of mind and less clutter day to day!