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Organizing Kids Rooms Like A Pro With The Help Of These Tips

Are you tired of tripping over your children’s toys in their room?  There is hope for you as a parent.  Organizing your children’s room is a rewarding ordeal if you do it correctly and accomplish your goal.  Are you ready to get started?

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Organizing Kids Rooms Like A Pro With The Help Of These 6 Tips

#1. Out with the Old

I hate to be this honest, but the toys will never be organized if you do not get rid of the older toys. You have to take time every couple of months and just get rid of the cheap, old, and broken toys. Don’t worry about upsetting anyone who got you these toys. They should understand that deep cleaning has to happen in order to make a safe environment for your children.

#2. Invest in a Toy Box

One of the best ways to get the toys organized is to invest in a toy box. If you have boys and girls, you can even separate the toys according to the gender of your children. I make sure each one of my kids have their own toy boxes, so they can all be responsible for their own toys. Once the toy level gets out of control and all of the toys no longer fit in their toy box, that’s when we start getting rid of the older toys that are broken.

#3. Teach Your Kids About Organization

It shouldn’t be just  mom and dad’s job to go through the toys and organize everything. Make sure you involve your kids in this process as much as possible. You can help them the first time, but after that it’s up to them. Of course, you can also offer rewards for them actually doing their job or organizing the toys.  Organizing kids’ rooms and their toys really doesn’t have to be that difficult, when you work as a team, everything is easier.

#4. Tackle the Closet

Like most parents I tend to go way overboard when it comes to clothing.  When I find a size or brand that works great and lasts for a great price I over stock the closet.  Most kids probably do not need 50 t-shirts in the same size. If you want to get the room organized, make sure you tackle the closet and eliminate the clothes buying obsession.

#5 Daily Bed Making

This one is tough for me as I am not an everyday bed maker but it really makes a room look more organized in minutes.  Generally the bed is the biggest object in a room so if it’s made the room instantly looks that more organized and put together.  We have made this a daily chore in our house for the boys before they head to school.  

#6 Utilize Under The Bed Storage

Under the bed storage is a great way to keep kids things in their rooms but out of site.  If your kids are anything like mine cleaning their rooms means shoving it all under the bed.  By having under the bed storage in their rooms it doesn’t allow for this to happen.  Everything must go on the shelves in their closets or in their toy boxes.  This helps us keep track when we need to do another clean out (see #2 above).  

How do you go about organizing the kids’ rooms?




  • Ellen Christian

    Under bed storage can be a huge help and so is teaching them early. I really wish I had done that with my teens.

  • Jenna Wood

    I’ve found under the bed organization really helps keep a room clean, simply by keeping items from being shoved under the bed! We always try to make a donation once a year too!

  • Patty

    I need to do this in MY bedroom. Well except for the toys – no toys there. But our closet needs serious help

  • Janell Poulette

    I totally need these tips. Everthing seems to multiply! I need a weekend to organize and declutter.

  • Dede

    Curbing the clothes buying really helped me to keep in front of the laundry issue. I used to buy WAY more clothes than my kids needed! I found that even though I could resell the clothing because they were in good shape, I was causing myself more work.

  • Jenn

    We need to get better about organization in my kids rooms. Great tips!

  • Teressa Morris

    A couple of things we did when our kids were small – used color-coded plastic bins to separate toys, e.g. Lego bucket, action figure bucket, etc. We also stopped using top sheets and just used a fitted sheet on their bed with a comforter that could handle being washed often. This made it much easier to “make” their beds every morning. Just straighten out the comforter and all done!!