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Bringing the Indoors Out: How to Decorate Your Yard with Everyday Items

Wouldn’t you love a yard that is unique and reflects your personality? Or perhaps you want a yard that stands out from your neighbors, with special pops of charm everywhere you look? Whatever the case may be, sometimes you need to get out of the garden supply center and start looking in less conventional places when it comes to decorating your yard. By using everyday home décor objects in your yard as your yard décor, you are creating a look that is quite charming yet unconventional. If you would love to bring the look of the indoors outside, take a look below at how to decorate your yard with everyday items. Find out how objects such as simple furniture pieces, kitchen gadgets, even your old dishes can liven up your yard and give it a pop of fun! Take a look!Decorate Your Yard

How to Decorate Your Yard with Everyday Items

1. Skip the traditional lawn chairs.
Instead, find a variety of old wood chairs and paint them a variety of colors. Wood is very durable outdoors and can withstand the elements well, especially if you give it a coat of sealant. You can them place your chairs throughout the yard or tuck them into flower beds. They will not only look fun be functional too.

2. Drag out the dishes!
Find an assortment of clear and colored glass plates and saucers. If you don’t have any, just scour your local thrift shop. Tuck the plates halfway down into the soil of your flower beds. They will create a colorful border as well as reflect the sun in a rainbow of hues.

3. Dig out the canisters.
Spice canisters, bread boxes, and other kitchen containers can be used as planters for all of your flowers and plants. Just drill a hole or add gravel to create a means of drainage in them. Once you plant your flowers in the canisters and containers, display them throughout the yard, tucked in flower beds, or display on chairs and plant stands.

4. Get shoe savvy.
If you have old shoes that no longer fit or are in rough shape, bring them outdoors! You can plant flowers in them, display colorful rocks in them, or even fill them with seed and turn them into birdfeeders! Talk about cute!

5. Birdcage anyone?
Old birdcages can be found at thrift stores and garage sales for a song. Grab one and display it in your yard, either hanging from a tree or displayed on a furniture piece. Put a potted plant inside and allow it to billow out of it.

6. Bring out the artistic touches.
Don’t be afraid to bring your favorite art work out! Sculptures and statues look great tucked into gardens and flower beds. Because they will be exposed to elements, you want pieces that are cement, heavy plaster, or ceramic. As long as they are on a stable base or tucked into the soil, they should be fine.

7. Now just keep the wheels in your brain turning!
Don’t stop with these ideas. If an item is water proof, it can go out in the yard. If you find a fun end table, children’s chair, metal sculptures or decorative accents, statues, colorful dishes, etc., you can definitely take them out and display them in your yard. Items can be hung from fences, displayed on porches, tucked into flower beds and gardens, placed on walkways and more. If you are worried about it getting worn by the elements, you can always give it a coat or spray of sealant.

Decorating your yard is fun, but bringing the indoors out into your yard is even more fun. Give some of these tips a try and see how easy it is to add some cute and creative charm to your landscaping.