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Family Movie Night- The Jungle Book

Setting aside a once or twice a month movie night for your entire family to enjoy together is fun, builds a close bond, and opens the door for deep discussions on developing character and other real life situations. Whether your favorite is the classic animated version or the new high-tech CGI Jungle book it makes a perfect choice for family movie night. But that doesn’t mean you have to just pop everybody in front of movie and have it end there! You can incorporate all kinds of fun themed … [Read more...]

Charlotte’s Web-Family Movie Night

 The timeless adventures of Wilbur and Charlotte are family favorites of ours.  I love the sweet themes in Charlotte's Web- friendship, positive thinking, love, kindness, etc... It makes a great choice for family movie night, but since sitting in front of a movie silently is not conducive to family bonding I like to add in a few extra activities and a snack to encourage creativity and face to face time.  If you love Charlotte's Web as much as we do consider making it your next … [Read more...]

Finding Nemo Family Movie Night

With Finding Dory's release this summer I thought that it was only right to include the classic Finding Nemo in one of our Family Movie Night's. 13 years ago a sweet little clown fish, his dad, and their goofy blue friend swam into our lives and hearts and have not diminished in popularity at all. He gave me lots of fun ideas to do with my family and then share with you! Movie night doesn't have to mean staring at a TV all night with no interaction, you can make it so much more with a … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Create a Fabulous Family Movie Night

Whether you do it weekly or monthly Family Movie Night can become one of you and your children’s favorite activities. Sweet and fun nights cuddled up on the couch watching family favorites, animated classics, new movies you have never seen before. Making memories and sharing laughs over bowls of salty buttery popcorn.  Here are 10 ways to help make sure that Family Movie Nights are memorable as well as some good family movies to get you started with. 10 Ways to Create a Fabulous Family … [Read more...]