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Celebrating Easter Indoors & Keeping it Exciting

Easter is usually one of the most exciting outdoor holidays all year with warm(ish) weather and family you’ve not seen in months! But, spending Easter outside or at the Grandparents’ house isn’t always possible. That’s why I’ve put together this article on how to spend Easter indoors with kids.

Brown Easter eggs on a gray and white background with ceramic bunny figurines.

Dress in Your Sunday Best

Chances are you and your kids have been wearing lots of comfy PJs and other “around the house” clothes for some time now. Dressing up nicely for Easter is one tradition you don’t have to stop just because you’re still at home! It makes the day just a little more special when you’re going around in a pretty dress or an adorable bow tie. Feel free to leave the shoes off though. I would! Be sure to get a picture of everyone all dressed up to send on to family and friends and don’t forget to dress up your pets! A child-size tie works well on any dog.

Have Lots of Games

Get some new games for Easter like Twister or create your own games with what you have around the house. Like bowling with bunnies painted on cardboard toilet paper tubes and a ball. Having something new they can do will make the day more exciting.

Go Big on Treats

Splurge a little bit on treats for Easter. I recommend having a bowl of treats in each of the communal rooms in the house (except the bathroom of course). These bowls can be filled with M&Ms, those little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, or whatever else your family loves. If you end up buying more than you need then what you’ve really got is a fantastic morale booster for next week when spirits start getting low.

Make Time to Call the Grandparents and Cousins

Easter is for many families the first time to see Grandparents and Cousins who live far away since Christmas. It’s an exciting and critical time for young people and they don’t have to lose out on this fantastic opportunity. Schedule time for video chats with cousins and Grandparents so the family can still connect. Make sure the kids have something to do while they have their chat like doing coloring books together. This makes it feel like they’re together even when they aren’t. 

A collage photo with colored Easter eggs and a tip on how to color eggs with little ones in the house.

Make an Easter Basket of Things to Do

Rather than putting a bunch of sweets in Easter baskets this year go with one big chocolate bunny and a bunch of things for them to do like coloring books, new Hotwheels, or even a new video game. They’ll appreciate these gifts for weeks to come.

Have an Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

You don’t have to be outside to have an Easter egg hunt, you can do it in your house! I’ve got another article that will give you a few different ideas for indoor Easter egg hunts.

Create Peep Bird Houses

Let the kids get creative with their food and build graham cracker birdhouses for their peeps. Include mini marshmallows, pastel M&Ms, mini eggs, and colored frosting so they can build their Peeps little homes with nests and eggs. After they’ve finished take photos to send to the Grandparents before they start eating the birdhouses.

Make it Educational

Finally, Easter is the opportunity to learn something new. If you’re a religious family you can do an Easter themed Sunday School lesson. You can also turn it into a social studies lesson by learning about how Easter is celebrated around the world.

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