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Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Just because you’re stuck indoors for Easter doesn’t mean you have to forgo the traditional Easter egg hunt! In fact, you might find you have more interesting places to hide the eggs inside. Here are a few ideas on how you can make an indoor Easter egg hunt more exciting. 

Easter eggs in a basket from an indoor Easter egg hunt.

Assign Each Kid a Color

Rather than making it a complete free for all which might lead to some of the younger kids getting disappointed, assign a color to each child. Make sure that each color has the same amount of eggs before you get started. This will also allow you to hide the ones for the little kids in plain sight while the bigger kids can have more of a challenge. It ends up making the game a whole lot more exciting for everyone.

Alphabet Hunt

Mark all of the eggs with a letter of the alphabet, or have the kids do it with the white crayon while they’re coloring eggs. Then it becomes a game of completing the alphabet. If your kids are all older then add an additional level of difficulty by only allowing them to pick up the next letter in the alphabet. So if you’re hunting for R you can’t pick up W and you need to remember where you saw it. Having them marked like this will also help you make sure that you have all the eggs at the end.

Educational Egg

Leave a mark on each of the eggs to turn it into a math egg, a history egg, or a science egg then when an egg has been found it has to be brought to an adult who will give them an equation to solve or a question to answer. Successful answers get chocolate. Unsuccessful get to try again. If they really just aren’t getting the answer, have them do 10 jumping jacks instead.

Hoppy Hunt

It’s a regular Easter egg hunt but anyone doing the hunting has to hop like a bunny. This will slow the kids down and prevent them from running inside which could lead to something breaking.

In the Dark

Wait until dark to have your treasure hunt then turn off the lights and give each kid a flashlight. From there it’s just a normal egg hunt. Or you can make the eggs glow in the dark.

Let the Kids Take Turns Hiding the Eggs

Easter egg hunts can go on for hours when you let each kid take turns hiding the eggs for everyone else. This works great for large families but also works for as few as 2 kids.

Physical Activity Hunt

Just like with the educational egg you’ll be rewarding your kids for doing something, only this time it’s a physical activity. Make a list of activities for the kids to complete like jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and even dancing in place for 30 seconds.

Scavenger Hunt

Finally, make the Easter egg hunt a collaborative effort by hiding eggs in specific places with clues inside to find the next one. All of these eggs will eventually lead them to something they’ll all enjoy, like a nice Easter cake!

A collage photo with colored Easter eggs and a tip on how to color eggs with little ones in the house.

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