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Cinnamon Latte From This Lady Blogs ~ No Fancy Equipment Needed

Welcome to the 31 Day Blog Challenge where I am taking party with a few fellow bloggers.  As bloggers we are constantly trying to make ourselves better and improve on what we offer to our readers.  One of the biggest challenges for myself is that I want to promote my fellow bloggers more.  As you look around the net there is millions of other recipes, helpful articles on any subject and some just plain funny posts that will put a smile on your face.  I hope you enjoy the 31 Day Blog Challenge along with myself as we check out some wonderful other bloggers with myself.

Cinnamon Latte

Today I present Simple Cinnamon Latte’s from This Lady Blogs.  We all know that I can’t start my morning with out my cup of coffee.  The only reason I keep it basic is because I want my coffee fast and without any hassle in the morning.  Looks like This Lady Blogs is a women after my own heart and has a way for me to get my “fancy” coffee (as my dad calls it) in the morning.

Even if you don’t have all the fancy equipment, you can make a Cinnamon Latte at home easily and quickly. It will give you a great savings over those expensive alternatives at the coffee bars. A Cinnamon Latte is nothing more than coffee with skim milk or half and half and a few extras like whipped cream and freshly ground cinnamon . The only equipment you really need to have a good coffee maker and your favorite coffee blend. If you have those, you’re well on your way to making an awesome Cinnamon Latte for pennies compared to what you spend at a coffee house.

See what else This Lady Blogs has to say about these Cinnamon Latte’s and get the recipe.