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Mint Oreo Hot Cocoa ~ Watch The Snow Fall With A Steaming Cup Of Cocoa

Mint Oreo Hot Cocoa

The leaves are turning colors, falling off the trees and the snow is starting to fly in Colorado. I have a passion for this time of year for tons of reasons and one of them just happens to be the ability to cuddle up on the coach with a warm drink in my hands.  A warm drink that is steaming, while warming my hands as I cuddle them around my favorite mug.

Oreo Mint Hot Chocolate

In the past I have gotten Cory to join me but not with the eagerness for decadent homemade hot chocolate that I expect, most certainly he never actually asks because how is hot cocoa better than his mountain dew? This year though I have him eating (drinking) from the palm of my hands with this Mint Oreo Hot Cocoa recipe. Mint Oreo’s and mint chip ice cream are among his favorite foods and this Mint Oreo Hot Cocoa combines them together. The topping of this Mint Oreo Hot Cocoa with whip cream (I always have homemade in my house) gives it a creamy finish, which reminds me of ice cream.  See it’s the pairing of two of his favorite desserts so how can I go wrong?

The Cast Of Mint Oreo Hot Cocoa

2 TBS Peppermint White Chocolate Chips
1 TBS Whipping Cream
8 Ounces Milk
3 Oreos, crushed
Whipped Cream
Green Food Coloring (if desired)

Directions For Mint Oreo Hot Cocoa

1. In microwave safe mug, heat peppermint chips and whipping cream for 30 seconds. Stir until smooth.

2. Add milk, microwave for 90 seconds or until heated through. Stir in oreos and coloring (if desired), top with whipped cream.

With a recipe this simple and mouthwatering it’s hard to not wish for huge flakes of snow to be falling outside of my window.

What is your favorite drink during the winter?  Do you have a favorite flavor of oreo’s?  Perhaps you have a favorite brand of hot chocolate?

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  • Melissa Witzgall

    Cant wait to try this tomorrow night,

  • Oh My!! Unfortunately it’s closed now, but there used to be a restaurant on Cape Cod that I loved, and one of the things I always had to get was their Girl Scout Cookie frozen drink. This sounds like it’s winter cousin. Can’t wait to try it!! [#PinItThurs]