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Circus Writing Prompts and Notebooking Pages

When it comes to homeschool, you don’t have to stick within a box. While children do need structure to some extent, when it comes to educating your child in a homeschool environment you can think outside of the box. This means you’re able to be more creative with opportunities to learn. Whether you’re heading outdoors on an adventure or staying inside to do some writing, homeschool truly opens the doors to teach kids in a fun, interactive way that helps this knowledge stick with them longer.

A picture of circus writing prompts with a lion.

Today I’m sharing some circus writing prompts and notebooking pages to help you work outside of the structured homeschool environment and get your kids to have some fun while learning. Using the circus writing prompts and recommended word list, your child can easily create a fun-filled story adventure that they can share with you.

These easy to follow circus writing prompts and notebooking pages encourage your child’s love of animals and using their imagination all the while educating them on how to write. Writing skills are a must for every child, as you know, so why not use these fun printable notebooking pages and circus writing prompts to direct your child towards a deeper knowledge of language arts?!

Advantages of Circus Writing Prompts

Easy and Free

Writing prompts are easy and free for use. With many parents opting to homeschool their children, using free printable circus prompts and notebooking pages helps cut down on costs involved with educating our children. Easy and free resources are a homeschool parents dream come true as they work to educate their children within a budget.

Ability to Practice Writing

Using circus writing prompts and notebooking pages will allow your child to practice writing in a way that inspires them to tell a story. Some children love to write, while others need a little guidance. Using free writing prompts like these circus writing prompts will help give your child the ability to practice writing without feeling pressured to write in a specific style or manner.

A cover page with 4 other pages made into a collage for circus writing prompts.

Pushes Ideas

If your child is stuck on what to write when given a chance to do free writing during their homeschool session, using something like these circus writing prompts and notebooking pages will help push an idea to the front of their mind. Using a writing prompt to assist your child in opening up their mind to tell a story while practicing their writing skills reduces stress and encourages a deeper love of learning the appropriate writing skills necessary for growth.

There’s no downside when it comes to using circus writing prompts and notebooking pages as a means to inspire your child to write more frequently. Your child will be learning how to use certain words all the while being encouraged to use their imagination and creative storytelling mind.

Our Favorite Books About The Circus

The Circus Train

The Circus Ship

If I Ran the Circus

Clifford at the Circus

ABC if for the Circus

Olivia Saves the Circus

Circus Writing Prompts and Notebooking Pages Download

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Circus Writing Prompts and Notebooking Pages

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