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Convenience vs. Space: Would you Buy a Mini Fridge?

I’ve never had a full-sized fridge my entire adult life. Don’t look so surprised – with a bit of planning (and a freezer, ideally), a mini fridge is a great way to save money and create more space in your kitchen. Would you compromise refrigerator real estate for more counter space and cash, or does the idea put a chill down your spine? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of mini fridges, whether they are your only fridge or used for extra storage.

Benefits of only having a mini fridge

· Their small size. Apartments can be notoriously tight on space, and most mini fridges are made to fit below a standard-height kitchen counter. Even if you place it next to the counter rather than underneath, you can use the top as an extra kitchen workspace.

· Saving money on bills. Not only do they cost much less than a full sized fridge, but they cost less to run. If energy prices are high in your area, a mini fridge is a great way to cut back on bills.

· Saving money on food. How many times have you discovered an unidentifiable living mass in the back of your fridge, covered in mold and who-knows-how-old? Kiss that feeling goodbye – you can’t lose food in little fridge, and since you have to be careful with space, you only buy as much as you need and eat it soon, rather than forgetting about it. So your grocery bills are lower, and less gets thrown away.

· They are all you need for one or two people – if you live alone, as a couple, with one roommate, or are a single parent with one child, they are perfect. If there are more people in your house, however, think twice.

Benefits of supplementing a full-sized fridge with a mini fridge

· If you have a big family, or share living quarters with four or five roommates, an extra fridge can cut down on squabbles. It provides necessary organization and space for people who are buying their own set of groceries, and prevents arguments because everyone has enough room for their items.

· Baby fridges (as my mom calls them) come in a range of sizes – some are quite small, with just enough room for a case or two of drinks. These are perfect for parties and large, thirsty families because they fit pretty much anywhere, can be hidden away when not in use, and you don’t have to worry about shuffling food around in the main fridge to make room for drinks.

· We’ve all had it happen. You come home from the store, bags overflowing with groceries for a kids’ party or family get-together, and you open the fridge to discover there’s not an inch of space. In cases like these, it’s helpful to have some extra storage option like a mini fridge.

As you can see there are benefits to owning a mini fridge.  They can save you money on your monthly electric bill or just offer a helping storage hand.

**Posted on behalf of a partnership with Tesco.**