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10 Family-Friendly Crafts for all Seasons

One of the best ways to ways to engage children’s creativity is family-friendly crafting! Even younger kids will enjoy easy kids crafts when they share this experience with loving family members. We will introduce several simple crafts to get you started!

A photo collage of family friendly crafts for all seasons and ages.

10 Family-Friendly Crafts for all Seasons

Some of the basic supplies needed for these crafts:

  • Construction paper
  • Origami paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Marker

Take a look at individual craft projects for specific materials related to that craft.

Now, let’s check these family-friendly crafts and pick one to match the current season and mood!

  • We love these cute little fox corner bookmarks! Perfect to give along with a good book as a gift to every book lover. And, there are many other bookmark designs to choose from!
  • If you have toddlers or preschoolers, they surely enjoy storytime before bed! Add a crafting element to storytime and make paper houses to go along with a 3 Little Pigs fairy tale. Kids will love playing and retelling the story. A fun way to work on language development through play!
  • Did you know you can use paper crafts to introduce STEM to little ones? Perfect beginner project is a paper straw plane! Each of the family members can make their own and enjoy playing with them when done!
  • Kids love playing with puppets. And, when they make puppet themselves, it’s even more satisfying and fun! Invite them to make and decorate dog puppets to play with friends. This super simple papercraft is a type of crafts we share in our new book Easy Paper Projects.
  • For girls, it’s always fun making jewelry. They will love making and wearing origami rings. And if they are interested in origami, we have many more easy origami crafts they can try!

A photo collage of paper projects for all seasons and ages.

  • With mouse finger puppets kids can work on cutting, glueing and coloring as they make them. And when finished, they can use them to sing nursery rhymes, work on counting and color recognition.
  • Another animal popular with kids is a bear, or better said, they adore teddy bears! And they will surely adore our Ted paper puppet as well!
  • During spring and summer, flowers are everywhere! Make your own paper flowers to decorate your home. It will look lovely and bright!
  • We always have some paper tubes saved in our recycle bin for crafting purposes! For Jack and the beanstalk craft, paper tube from wrapping paper is a perfect match!
  • Turn a piece of paper into an art piece with op-art pinwheels craft. Kids will love making many different unique designs for their pinwheels!

If you like a selection of the family-friendly crafts here, you will love the new book published by our friend Maggy from Red Ted Art called Easy Paper Projects. Kids will enjoy crafting and work on many of their skills, from fine motor to expanding their vocabulary. Parents will be thrilled to see how these projects are simple and inexpensive. Overall, wonderful way to spend some time bonding with kids!

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