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Printable Tetris Game

Nostalgia means to return to a place or state of being. Nothing throws us back to childhood like the sounds of classic video games.

The sounds of the 8-bit era take us back to fond childhood memories.  So it is not a surprise that the nostalgia trend in gaming is high right now. From Nintendo’s NES classic edition to phone cases that turn your cell phone into a classic handheld gaming system, the trend runs the gambit.

A photo collage for the free printable Tetris game.

The trend for nostalgia is everywhere right now, and it has been a lot of fun to share with the kids.

Kids love sharing in their parent’s memory. Dusting off old games and sharing them gives them a look into your childhood. They get a thrill playing the games alongside just like you did when you were a kid.

With this printable, you won’t have to track down the video game systems or try and download a simulator to play Tetris.

Print out the free Tetris game board and for added sturdiness laminate it. Then cut out the Tetris game pieces.

How To Play Tetris

A collage for a free printable tetris game.

There are three ways to play this printable Tetris DIY Puzzle game.

The basic game doesn’t involve any scoring. You place the pieces in a bag or shuffle into a pile. Draw a top piece and put it on the board. Pieces can be rotated in any direction, but they can’t be flipped on their backs. See how far you can fill up the game board.

If your family runs on the competitive side, try playing the scoring versions.

You can count up all the white paces you have left on the board — the one with the least amount of white wins.

The second scoring version looks like the classic game of Tetris! Shift the pieces downwards and see how many lines you can clear off the board.

Enjoy this throwback game any time you want this printable. Store it and use it over and over again for a fun family game night.

Download Your Free Printable Tetris DIY Puzzle Game

Click the link below to grab your free printable!

Free Printable Tetris DIY Puzzle & Instructions

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