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Creamy Green Chili Chicken Burritos

Green chili chicken burritos are an easy dinner in our house and a great way to use up extra chicken.  They are guaranteed to be gobbled up with everyone enjoying seconds.  What is it with green chili?  My family can’t refuse it.  Maybe I should slather it on their broccoli at dinner and I would actually have luck with them eating it.  Hmm that is a thought, but I digress.

Creamy green chili chicken burritos can be made to feed a family of four or the recipe can be doubled or tripled to feed an army.  It is the perfect dinner for a busy Wednesday or a birthday party for 50.

Plus these bad boys freeze like a charm.  Double the recipe and put one pan in the freezer.  Pull your pan out of the freezer in the morning and pop into the oven after you get home.  Dinner will be on the table in no time paired up with a box of spanish rice.

The Cast Of Creamy Green Chili Chicken Burritos

10-12 tortillas (burrito size)
4 cups diced chicken (6 thighs or 4 chicken breasts)
2 tablespoons dried onion
4 oz can of diced chilis
1 10 3/4 oz can of cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup sour cream
2 10 oz cans of green chili sauce
3 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1 tablespoon olive oil

Directions Of Creamy Green Chili Chicken Burritos

1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2.  Heat olive oil in skillet over medium heat.  Add your chicken and cook until cooked through or juices run clear.

3.  When you chicken is cooked add dried onion, chilis, cream of chicken soup and sour cream to chicken mixture in your skillet.  Heat through.

4.  Add 1 cup cheddar cheese and mix.  Remove from heat.

5.  Microwave your tortillas for 25-30 seconds.  This makes them pliable so that you can fill and roll them.

6.  Fill your tortillas one by one with approximately 1/2 – 3/4 cup filling.  Roll your burritos and place into a 11×13 inch pan.  I realize not everyone has the larger pan so you could also put into two 8×8 pans, which means you already have one pan ready for freezing.  I tried really hard but couldn’t get mine to fit into one 9×13 pan.  If you are a better puzzle builder than I am, I would love to hear how you get them into a 9×13 pan.

7.  After you have filled all of your tortillas pour the green chili sauce over the top of your burritos.  Top with the remaining 2 cups of cheddar cheese.  If you used two 8×8 pans you will use one can of green chili sauce and 1 cup of cheese for each pan.

8.  Bake in preheated oven for 20- 25 minutes or until cheese is melted.

What are the key components in your favorite chicken burritos?




  • Ali

    Thank you so much for linking this recipe up at Recipe Sharing Monday! The new link party is up and I’d love to see you back. Have a great week. 🙂

  • This looks incredible! I would love for you to join the Pinworthy Projects link party!

    • Brandy

      Thank you for stopping by Sam. I am headed to check out your linky now.

  • Miz Helen

    Brandy, we have to have Mexican food on a regular basis and this is sure a recipe that I want to try, it looks fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing this special recipe with Full Plate Thursday and enjoy your weekend.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  • Kinsley

    Hey Brandy! My name is Kinsley, author of Home | Styled, and I found your link on StoneGable! Burritos are one of my husband’s favorite meals, and he likes his with onions and beef and topped with melted cheese sauce! But this recipe looks so good I’m going to have to make it for him sometime! Thanks for the idea!

  • Peggy
  • Green chilis and chicken make such an awesome flavor combination! These look divine. 🙂 If you haven’t already, I’d love if you’d come join my How To Tuesday link party, too.

  • mryjhnsn

    Holy cow that looks yummy! I love rice with cilantro in mine!

    • Brandy

      I just made some cilantro rice for the first time and I thought darn that would be good with those burritos. Thank you for confirming it!

  • Elle

    Those sound pretty good. My hubby would love them. Not too difficult to make either…I would just need to pick up a few ingredients that I don’t already have.

  • Karen

    These look so delicious, I can’t wait to make some and try them!

    • Brandy

      They are delicious and I just tried making cilantro lime rice. I highly recommend trying that stuffed in them as well!