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Animals Are Our Family, Animal Planet Wants To Spoil Them

I recently saw a post on facebook about a friend who had lost one of her best friends.  A friend who she told everything to and always felt at ease with.  Her friend’s name was TJ and he was her horse.  TJ had been her best friend for 15 years now and she was pretty torn up.  It brought back memories of all my best friends that I have had through the years.  There were the German Shepard Spike & Misty, Lady who was the family pet for 16 years and in my married life I have had JD and Molly and now the current family pet of Bo.

Our animals are our family.  They take drives in the back of the pickup with their tongue hanging out, they play fetch with our kids in the backyard and lets face like our children we invest a lot of “training” in them.  Inside dogs need to be taught to whine or scratch when they want out, not to get on the furniture or eat from the kids plates they leave around the house.  Outside dogs (and inside dogs) need to learn to stay, sit, come and not to bark at every little sound they hear (can someone teach Bo this?).

Animal Planet would like to help you spoil your pet this season with Pampering Your Puppy items:

Animal Planet Ultra-Suede Pet Bed – This Animal Planet bed puts quality and comfort first. The adorable, ultra-suede bed with plush edge provides the perfect spot for pets to curl up and rest. Cuddly cats and dogs will love relaxing in an Animal Planet bed.

Animal Planet Plush Dog Toy – These plush toys come in a variety of creatures including a bear, moose, beaver or wolf. The hidden squeaker inside each toy keeps dogs entertained for hours.

Animal Planet Pet Blanket – This adorable Animal Planet fleece pet blanket is a stylish solution to keeping fur off furniture and upholstery. Great for traveling by car or lounging around the house.

Animal Planet’s Moisturizing Dog Shampoo with Natural Oatmeal – This formula is enriched with ingredients such as Panthenol, Vitamin E, Glycerin, and Silk Amino Acids to moisturize, replenish, condition, and protect your dog’s skin and coat. Alcohol Free, Paraben Free, Tear Free, and PH-Balanced.

Join me with pampering your puppy with the above prize pack.  The boys have been loving giving Bo a shower with the moisturizing shampoo and trust me we are making memories of watching them giggle and Bo beg for chaos to end.

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