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Dishing It Up Linky Party With Chicken

Chicken Recipes

It’s no secret that my husband is a meat and potatoes man, and when I say meat I pretty much mean red meat.  He loves his beef in just about any way it can be cooked up.  Now I like a little bit of variety in my life.  Cory and the boys could live off of cheeseburgers, frozen pizza, chicken nuggets and steak for the rest of their days, I need a little bit more than that though.  I need variety and lots of it.  Chicken is a great way for me to get some variety into our meals because of it’s diversity.

Chicken can be baked, broiled, boiled, stewed, shredded, diced…well your get the point that the possibilities are endless with chicken.  My new adventure with  Deals From MS Do, Eating with Mimi, Modern Christian Homemaker, Nifty Thrifty Savings, Savvy Shopper Central, and The Spring Mount 6 Pack brings you the Dishing It Up Linky party with chicken  as the star ingredient this week.  The Dishing It Up ladies want to keep your recipe file well stocked with new recipes each week.

I know that I could use a few different recipes to add to my arsenal because I can only bake chicken with so many seasonings before my family is wanting more.  As a matter of fact two years ago my husband banned me from even cooking chicken because he was so tired of it.  Can you believe he banned me from it!  The nerve I must say, however, we are back in the saddle again with chicken (on a short leash I might add) and I am really looking forward to exploring this linky list and adding new recipes to my weekly menu plan.

So, Dish it Up with us. Link to your recipe below:

Please play nice and only link up Chicken recipes, no giveaways, etsy shops or affiliate posts. Also, please visit a few of these recipes, there are some really talented bloggers around here!

Dishing It Up Linky Party




  • j gentry

    I have the same problem, my husband isn’t fond of chicken though unless I find a recipe he will try and then surprisingly he loves it and wants it weekly. So far, that number is 2. ha! He would eat steak daily though, but he knows that isn’t good for him. Thanks for the recipes~!

  • Awesome idea for a linky party! Thanks… I’ve added one!

  • Thanks so much for hosting! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day:)