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5 Tips To Buying A Major Appliance

**This is a sponsored post about buying a major appliance in which I did receive compensation.**

Thoughts on buying a major appliance.


When Cory and I got married we let it be known that we really didn’t need much in the way of gifts except for some major appliances.  We surely couldn’t expect anyone to gift us a new fridge but we made it known what we wanted and our guest were more than happy to comply with Sears gift cards or cash.   We had both lived on our own for college and really how many toasters can one person use?

When we moved last year we were so sad to see that our stove could not be moved into the new house. The old house was gas and the new house was electric plus it was very customized and we would have had to have a whole new kitchen remodel. This has lead me to be on the lookout for some new appliances at every turn. Buying new appliances is not a small feat and I buy for life. I am willing to spend the extra money to make sure I get what I want because I know it’s a purchase that I will own longer than just about anything else. Plus they are something that is used daily in my life. I cook generally cook 21 meals a week and wash 16 loads of laundry a week. Everything I own gets a workout, a major workout.

When it comes to buying a major appliance I do my homework and so should you. As you are headed out shopping keep the following in mind:

Major Appliance Price

When buying a major appliance price is a huge factor for me. I won’t want to the payments to outlast the new appliance, yet I don’t want to skimp and miss out on things that are important to me. Like the current washer I inherited with the new house, I would have paid extra for it to have delay wash capabilities. Little features like that up the price of the appliance you will be looking at and you need to keep that in mind while staying within your budget.

Major Appliance Functionality

There is no sense purchasing an appliance that doesn’t do the job you need it to do. Do I want a washer and dryer that steams my clothes for me? Yes it sounds like and amazing feature and for some it’s truly would be a good asset to have. For me I know it’s not worth it and that it really wouldn’t be functional in my household. Cory doesn’t really need his clothes pressed and steamed to work on the tractor. But like stated above we like to have hot water run through the lines at night to keep them from freezing during the winter. Having a delay wash function is something that we would use everyday, especially on 30 below winter nights.

Major Appliance Reviews

I do research before purchasing just about anything over $20 and even for things under that price. When it comes to something that I am looking at spending a month’s wages on, you had better bet that I am researching like mad at others experiences with the product. I ask neighbors, friends, family, heck even strangers at the park actually. It’s important to me to know that the thermostat on a stove likes to go out once a year, or that the dishwasher can be very loud.

Major Appliance Timing

Yes we all like to hold onto our appliances until they die and for the most part it’s not always a convenient time but it’s still something we should all keep in the back of minds. Sometimes there are indicators like uneven cooking temperatures or perhaps your dryer is taking longer than usual to dry (and it’s becoming a habit). It’s time to start thinking about a new appliance and we all know January and holiday weekends are a good time to buy, but you should also know that new refrigerator models are generally released during the summer so May is a good time to find discounts on last years models as retailers are looking to make room for new inventory. Other major appliances are generally released in September and October so keep an eye out in the fall for close-out prices.

Major Appliance Service

This is a huge factor for me as I don’t really live near anything major. If I can’t get it serviced when it does break than why should I have it. I have the same thoughts about owning a “foreign” car. I have a couple of mom and pop places that can service most major brands but anything off the wall requires extra time and money in labor and parts. Shipping alone for new parts is a killer and so I tend to keep this in mind when buying anything new. While I may run across some brands on-line that have all the functionality I need and the price is right I do some research to see where the closest service center is. Most are over 300 miles away, if not farther and that just doesn’t make sense to buy.

Purchasing a major appliance is no easy task and I encourage you to do your research before purchasing. Know what you want in an appliance and check around for the best prices. When purchasing a major appliance there is generally a lot negotiation room as well. With the tips above I am well on my way to finding a new major appliance like a washer or a double wall oven.




  • I always read reviews and I check consumer reports too. I didn’t think to try to time it with end of year model clearances though. Good tip!