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Easy Beef Stroganoff With 6 Ingredients

Easy Beef Stroganoff

easy beef stroganoff

Stroganoff is positively one of the funniest words in my cooking dictionary! I know it means dinner will be delicious but it’s just one of those words that doesn’t roll of my tongue, how about yours?

It may not roll of my tongue but it sure does taste great on my tongue and fill the bellies of the hungry boys in my family. I have a more complicated recipe that the family loves that starts with round steak partially frozen and sliced and two hours later I have deliciously tender meat soaked in mushroom juices and creamed up with a little bit of sour cream, but when I need dinner fast this recipe calls my name. It sure seems like I am needing dinner on the table faster these days and with more of a time crunch. The boys schedules are getting busier and Cory is in the field later and to be honest I am just a slacker. The weather gets warmer and the last place I truly want to be is in a hot kitchen so I rely on fast and easy meals like Easy Beef Stroganoff, Stromboli or a Hamburger Pizza Sub Sandwich.

Tonight is no different as 6:00 comes around and I still have not even made dinner plans yet alone laid anything out to thaw, so of course I head to the freezer and pull out a frozen pound of hamburger meat.  The question becomes what to do with it?  I may have done the same thing last night and whipped those up into tacos and the night before that it was throw together hamburger and macaroni and cheese, so tonight must be Easy Beef Stroganoff.  Somebody get me into gear sooner for tomorrow please?

I always have the ingredients on hand because they are staples in our house; frozen hamburger, cream of mushroom soup, dried onions, and noodles.  Yep that pretty much sums up this recipe and that is why it’s easy and fast.

Easy Beef Stroganoff
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  1. 8 oz cooked egg noodles
  2. 1 lb hamburger
  3. 2 cups homemade cream of mushroom soup OR 1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup and 1 1/2 cup water
  4. 2 tablespoons minced dried onions
  5. 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  6. 1 cup sour cream
  7. salt and pepper to taste
  1. Cook egg noodles according to directions
  2. Brown hamburger.
  3. Add cream of mushroom mix, dried onions and garlic powder to hamburger. Simmer on medium until heated all the way through.
  4. Add sour cream to hamburger mixture and heat on medium until heated through once again.  Salt and pepper to taste.  This is one of the few meals I wait till the end to season.  The salt content in the cream of mushroom soup varies so I find it's best to wait.
  5. Combine meat mixture and noodles into one pan and serve warm.
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What is your favorite meal to cook with ground hamburger? Do you plan your weekly meals and stick to the plan?

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