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Educational Youtube Channels

There is so much more to Youtube than vloggers and beauty tutorials. In fact, you can find a lot of educational material for all ages there. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite educational Youtube channels that span from pre-schoolers all the way up to adults.

A collage photo for educational youtube channels for all ages.

Educational Youtube Channels for All Ages

Animal Wonders Montana –

A kid-friendly channel that seeks to teach about pets and wild animals alike with presentations and explanations from an animal educator running a sanctuary in Montana.

Crash Course –

Crash course is designed to be a crash course in a particular school subject for high schoolers and up. They cover topics like world history, literature, and Astronomy.

Crash Course Kids –

A channel that was the child spinoff of Crash Course. Though they’ve stopped making new videos there are still more than a hundred available for elementary school-aged children.

Full-Time Kid –

Learn how to do a variety of different things like make glow in the dark stars or learn the sign language with the Full Time Kid Mya. The channel doesn’t have very many videos but the ones they do have are a lot of fun.

Gross Science

All the weird and disgusting parts of our world in one place. This might not be a good channel for little ones as it does it pretty graphic and pretty gross.

It’s Ok To Be Smart

A weekly look at topical science-related questions as well as other topics that make you stop and think about how weird and wild the world that we live in really is.


A look back at our plant’s history from the times when Antarctica was green to the rise of humanity.

Minute Physics –

Brief physics lessons for high schoolers, college students, and adults that will answer questions like why is the solar system flat and is it better to walk or run in a heavy rainstorm?

National Geographic –

The National Geographic channel is much like you would expect it to be if you have any experience with the magazine or the TV show. They cover ancient civilizations, the possibility of other planets supporting life…and everything in between that you could ever hope for.

National Geographic Kids –

Take a safari without ever leaving home while also learning about weird places around the world.

Organic Learning –

Educational videos for the little ones that are made using Paw Patrol Playsets, Hot Wheels, and other toys to teach the names of colors, the ABCs, and how to count.

PBS Zest –

Learn everything you could ever want to know about food from the science behind it to how to cook some amazing dishes.

SciShow –

Science educational videos and news that focuses on a wide variety of science topics for high schoolers and up.

SciShow Kids –

The kids’ version of SciShow teaches elementary school kids the science behind temporary tattoos and why fire is hot.