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The Best Sites for Free Curriculum

Homeschooling can get expensive. Taking advantage of free online curriculum is a great way to save money on your homeschool. These resources are perfect for helping give your child a quality education.

The best way to take advantage of these free online homeschool curriculum programs is to give a few a try and mix and match to find the right fit for your family. A great reason to give frees homeschool curriculum a try first is you can figure out what works for your family. If you don’t like your homeschool curriculum simply move on and try something new without losing any money.

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The Best Sites for Free Curriculum

Khan Academy – Khan Academy has been around for a long time and has proven it’s quality. Schools and families have been using Khan Academy for supplemental education for many years. In the past few years, they have evolved and developed an entire curriculum with tracking for parents and teachers.

Homeschool Share – Is a great free site where moms have been sharing free unit studies and lesson plans for years. This large collection of hand-built homeschool curriculum is a great way for you to pick and choose the things you want to use for your homeschool and save time over building lessons yourself. This is a great place to share lesson plans you have built with other parents as well.

Easy Peasy – All In One Homeschool – If you ask about curriculum in any homeschool group someone is bound to suggest Easy Peasy. this free homeschool curriculum gathers everything you need using 100% free resources providing 180 free lesson plans for each grade for kindergarten to 8th grade. This program can help you give your child a comprehensive complete education without ever having to buy anything beyond basic school supplies and a printer.

Ambleside Online – Ambleside Online uses Charlotte Mason principles to provide a throw education for kindergarten through 12th grade. this is a nearly complete curriculum only needing the addition of math and foreign language programs. The Charlotte Mason Method is great for classic style learners and focuses on building a strong fundamental base for young learners to build off of as they age. Save money and use your local library for the books Ambleside Online suggests.

CK-12 – If you have ever spent time exploring the free books on Amazon Kindle odds are you have seen CK-12 textbooks listed. When I first seen them I thought they had to be too good to be true but after a little research, I discovered CK-12 is an entire program with textbooks free for the public. CK-12 covers math and science through high school. This program is designed to cater to your child’s needs even if you have more than one child with different learning styles.

SAS Curriculum Pathways SAS Curriculum Pathways provides curriculum resources in all core subjects for kindergarten to high school and college levels. This is a free program for educators to help find what you need to fill in gaps or build your own homeschooling program. SAS creates a bridge between online programs, apps, and resources to make finding what you need and what works for your child easier than ever.