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Explore Scotland

A couple years ago my best friend and some of her friends from work were able to explore Scotland together.  I am still jealous of their trip and can’t wait for the day I get to take my own.  Check out these places and activities to keep in mind if you get the chance to visit this amazing place!

Explore Scotland

Explore Scotland

Tartan, whiskey, Loch Ness Monster… Various associations may come to your mind when you think about Scotland. But how much do you know about its beauty and diversity? Let us help you to explore its beauty!

Breathtaking Hikes

If you are keen on hiking, you cannot be bored in Scotland. You can be sure that you will find a perfect place anywhere you go. We recommend you West Highland Way, a 96 miles-long hiking hike, which offers contact with amazing forests, hills and, of course, mountains. Its beautiful landscapes and well-organized hiking routes will bring you unforgettable experience. Be careful, sometimes the path can be quite complicated, so if you do not have any advanced skills, you might face some problems – do not forget about good clothes and well-chosen hiking equipment. Only in that way you can easily face the most difficult and narrow paths.

Scotland Ruins

Haggis in January

Yes, we know that it can look a bit weird, but haggis has been considered the national Scottish dish since 1787. It is a kind of pudding, made from sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, mixed with onion suet, some spices and stock. The dish has a really long tradition and it should appear on the must-do list of every traveler, who wants to get familiar with the local culture. If you are planning to visit Scotland in January, make sure that you are going to stay there on the week of January 25 when most of Scots commemorate Robert Burns, one of the finniest Scotch poets. Although you can easily get haggis in many local supermarkets or restaurants, we recommend you to taste it during that week – great cultural experience and unique taste guaranteed!Glasgow Catherdral

Glasgow and Edinburgh

Although Glasgow is the largest city of Scotland (almost 600 000 inhabitants), Edinburgh is its official capital. Those two cities have been fighting against each other for the title of the most important Scotch city for a long time. If you are interested in an urban architecture, we strongly recommend you that you visit both places. University of Glasgow, Kelvingrove Park, Merchant City, many churches and cathedral…. Glasgow can offer you as many attractions as you want. Now where is Edinburgh on that? It has plenty of amazing ways to spend your free time as well. Do not miss the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyrood House. From one city to another you can easily get thanks to the well-developed train network or cheap airlines. If you have time for both of them, you should not waste any minute!

The Edradour

Experience the Scotch Whiskey

As you probably already know, whiskey is the national Scotch drink. Without tasting it you cannot get familiar with the culture of Scotland. Various kinds of whiskey can be find everywhere: in supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, and many houses of more or less traditional Scots. If it is not enough, you can take part in one of well-organized tours in larger cities, which are going to introduce you to the land of whiskey in the most direct way. One of the greatest examples of many tours in Edinburgh, the Scotch capital and its 2nd largest city. Visit the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society Member’s Room for more details and you can be sure that you will not regret your decision.

Where to stay

Although finding a place to stay in Scotland is quite easy (there are a lot of offers available every day), it is good if spend some time on searching for the best option. We recommend you that you choose a place, which is known not only for having a comfortable bed, but a great neighborhood as well. Nothing can be better than waking up with the great window view on the Scottish mountains or lake. If you do not have any idea where to find the best options, you can visit the website Lochs And Glens, which presents amazing hotels surrounded by wonderful nature. Make sure that you have booked your place for enough days, otherwise you can miss a chance of experiencing the Scotch outdoor life. Daily walking tours, hiking or just relaxing are the best ways to spend your holidays in an unforgettable way.




  • I’ve been to Ireland and LOVED it! Scotland is SOOOO on our list!

  • candice

    scotland is just magical! my husband went a few years back with his two brothers and said it was amazing!

  • Mistee Dawn

    I have always wanted to go to Scotland. Especially Glasgow. It looks like such a beautiful country. Thanks for the info.

  • Lindsay

    Thank you for the mention of the Scottish Storytelling Centre as a do not miss! That’s lovely 🙂

  • Melissa

    I went to Scotland about 20 years ago. It was beautiful!

  • This is a country I’ve dreamed of visiting for so long. I do so hope I can see some of these things you’ve mentioned here!

  • That looks beautiful! I definitely have a bucket list of places I would love to visit some day.

  • Amanda

    I have always wanted to visit Scotland, maybe once the kids are a bit older.

    • Brandy

      I think once the kids get older it would be amazing. Not sure if I would take them or not though. It would be a great experience for them but sometimes as moms we just need to do things on our own.

  • Jennifer Soltys

    What beautiful pictures!!! How gorgeous!

    • Brandy

      My best friends pictures turned out amazing! Her stories are even better!

  • Amber Edwards

    Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much I long to visit Scotland!! I have ancestry from Scotland and I want to visit all the places where my family came from.

    • Brandy

      I think Scotland is just so beautiful and so rich with history. It truly intrigues me!

  • brett

    my grama was born in scotland- i’m 1/3 scottish. i’d LOVE to visit one day

    • Brandy

      Truly a beautiful place full of history.

  • Vesper

    Lived in various places in Scotland over a 16 year period (married to a Scots man), and I don’t recommend haggis.

    • Brandy

      I think it is an acquired taste that is for sure. I am not sure that I could do it but my cousin loves haggis. Thank you for stopping by!

  • Tara

    I totally love to travel and I want to visit Scotland in the next few years! Gorgeous pictures!

  • Kathleen

    My husband wants to visit Scotland (as do I) because his ancestors are from there. I think it would be fun but I don’t think I could make myself try Haggis!

    • Brandy

      I think Haggis is an acquired taste and one that I have ambitions in life trying. My cousin however loves Haggis, to each their own I guess!

  • Ellen Christian

    Gorgeous! I would love to visit some day!

    • Brandy

      I think Scotland would be an amazing trip especially after hearing all of my best friends stories. Truly a remarkable place full of history!

  • Janel

    Scotland looks beautiful!!! We’re hoping to go to Australia for our first out of county trip.

    • Brandy

      Australia is on my list as well. I think when I do Scotland I will be going with the girls or without my husband anyway. He would however be thrilled to see Australia.

  • Kelsey Apley

    Man that is strikingly beautiful, that would be a fun place to go visit!! Looks like something right out of a movie!!

  • Nicole

    The greenery and the ocean mixed with old falling down castles is so beautiful. I would love to visit Scotland one day.