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Fresh Looking Skin With Olay Fresh Effects Skincare

olay_fresh_effectsApril spent a number of years working in a nursing home before she became an ER nurse and I can’t count the amount of times I heard her say she could always tell those who used a good skincare product and those who didn’t. This always terrified me and I quickly went out after first hearing this and purchased my first skincare products.

When I bought my first skincare products I didn’t really “need” them but felt it was a great purchase and have continues to do my best in using proper skincare. Now that I have a family spending over $100 on a small bottle of moisturizer just isn’t in the cards for me so I am always happy to find new products that are expected to have great results and are in my price range.

Thanks to the partnership I have with Olay I have received the chance to try their whole new skincare line Olay Fresh Effects and I can say I am very pleased with my experience. One of the first factors for me is always the smell of a new product. Let’s face it, if it stinks it isn’t going on my face. There is NO WAY I am smelling something horrible all day or night. No worries here with Olay Fresh Effects. The smell is pleasantly refreshing and a perfect way for me to start my day. Almost as good as my morning coffee smell and that is a tough one to beat for me.

The second thing I look for in a good skincare product is how easy and smooth it goes on. While I don’t mind a little bit of grit in my face wash/exfoliater I don’t want anything but smooth in my face lotion. Olay Fresh Effects long live moisturizer wins again.

My favorite product I received was the Olay Fresh Effects Make-up Removal Clothes. I don’t know what it is but I have a huge fascination with these little cloths. Just the right size with just the right texture of scrubbing material. They are wonderfully soft though at the same time. I really loved these little clothes.

The Olay Fresh Effects Skincare Line

Va-Va-Vivid!– Powered Contour Cleansing System: This powerful brush with super-soft, supple bristles gently massages your skin for a healthy-looking glow and a full-face cleansing.

Shine, Shine Go Away!– Shine Minimizing Cleanser: This cleanser has all the purifying power of a mask, but lathers and rinses like a daily cleanser to remove 2X more dirt, oil, and make-up than basic cleansing.

Bead Me Up!– Exfoliating Cleanser: Foaming bubbles and exfoliating microbeads come together to gently purify and lift away dirt, while softly scrubbing your skin for a beautifully fresh, healthy look.

S’Wipe Out!– Refreshing Make-up Removal Cloths: These special pre-moistened cloths are covered in cottony-soft cleansing pockets to lift away dirt and makeup – even waterproof mascara – in a flash.

Long Live Moisture!– Satin Finish Lotion: Lose the shine and get satiny active moisturizers keeping your skin soft and smooth for up to 24-hours!

BB Cream!– Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen: An all-in-one solution for instantly brighter-looking, smoother-feeling, more even skin tone.

Buy Olay Fresh Effects Skincare

Olay Fresh Effects skincare is available at most mass market retailers including Walmart and Amazon.

**Olay provided me with samples to facilitate this review.  This however did not influence my thoughts or opinions.  Please also take note that Olay does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made here, nor does it endorse any opinions expressed within this blogsite.**




  • Sandy VanHoey

    I like the sounds of the s’wipe out for makeup removal. I haven’t tried those yet but I think I’d like them. I love Olay!

    • Brandy

      I grew up with Olay as that is what my mom used and it’s a product I trust. I like the updated look of the new Fresh Effects line. Very eye pleasing.