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Keep These Garage Sale Dos and Don’ts In Mind Before You Head Out

Who doesn’t love a good garage sale? Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, your garage sale endeavor could end up costing you a fortune. If you want your garage selling to work in your favor, then you have to check out these garage sale dos and don’ts.Garage Sale Dos & Don'ts Final

#1. Do Set a Budget

One of the best things you can do for garage selling is to set a budget. This means that you should not take a bunch of cash with you while you’re garage shopping. If you have a ton of money in your hand, you are bound to spend it. Why is this? You think that everything you see is a great deal, so you are more prone to buy it.

#2. Don’t Forget to Ask for a Lower Price

Asking for a lower price on the item can seriously make garage selling more affordable to you. There is hardly a person in this world that does not enjoy a good banter of trying to lower the price of an item. May the best price win!

#3. Do Try Several Garage Sales

How many garage sales did you pass because you thought they didn’t have much to offer? That one garage sale you pass could have the actual items you are looking for. Use your best judgment for stopping, but don’t always judge a garage sale by what you can see from a distance.

#4. Don’t Buy Everything You See

We all do it. We buy items at garage sales that we think we “might use.” Save yourself the trouble and do not buy everything that you see. Instead, try to be very selective about what you are buying. If not, you’ll be the next one having a garage sale trying to get rid of those excessive items.

#5. Do Map Out Your Path

So many of us just drive around looking for garage sales! Can you imagine the amount of gas that is costing us frugal garage sellers? Make sure you take the time to map out your garage sales. You can look in the newspaper, craigslist, and even in Facebook garage sale groups for any and all garage sales that you’re interested in.

It may seem silly to have a list of garage sale dos and don’ts but it is necessary. Anytime you are trying to save a little bit of money, you need to evaluate your process to make sure you are saving the most money possible. These tips should help you save a few more dollars while you’re out having a great time garage sale hopping this summer.

Do you have any garage sale dos and don’ts?  Have the eye to snag a good deal?




  • Becky

    Great tips! Love going to garage sales. My biggest tip when shopping for clothes is to make sure you step out and look at the item in the sun light to spot any stains.

  • Coralie

    We love to shop Garage sales! Thanks for the tips 🙂