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Getting Lunch On The Table In A Hurry With Progresso Soup

As a farmers wife I get the joy of having my husband home for three meals a day, seven days a week. I must say I love it but it can be a bit hectic getting 21 (ok 19) meals on the table hot and on time. Especially now that Coulter is in pre-school and I have to pick him up at 11. So that leaves me an hour to pick up Coulter, chat with the other moms, explain to Coulter why we can’t have a play date today as I am dragging him to the car and have lunch on the table for four. Yea I got this.

While I am tempted to throw the chicken nuggets in the microwave and a pan of boiling water on the stove for mac n cheese again I know that isn’t always the best solution. During the winter months I can skate by with a quick meal of soup, bread and butter. The kids love it because they get to dunk, Cory eats it because it is a hot meal on the table and I feel accomplished that something different is being served.

We all know that we just passed the first of the year and the number one resolution is to lose weight. I don’t make resolutions because I know that I won’t be keeping them past the third of January but that doesn’t mean the thought of losing weight isn’t in the back of my mind. Possibly why I am avoiding the chicken nuggets, mac n cheese scenario from above. I said it wasn’t the best scenario right? I just didn’t elaborate into why. With the new line from Progresso Soup I can make everyone happy.

ProgressOh keeps lunch on the table in 40 different varieties, the kids are actually fed for the day and my husband is impressed that that lunch is on the table, and I am not asking him when he walks in the door “Hey what do you want for lunch?” Oh he how he loves that question…

On the menu for today is Light Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese. Next week Light Chicken Pot Pie Style. I must say I can’t wait for the Light Chicken Pot Pie Style. My husband hates pot pies. How is that even possible? He has a lunch meeting next week and this is the perfect time to slip this meal in, lightened up of course.

“Disclosure: The information, products and ProgressOh! gift packs were provided by Progresso through MyBlogSpark.”



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