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Tip Tuesday: Hands Down Best New Mom Tip

Welcome to Tip Tuesday!  Where I plan on sharing a new tip with you each week.  Something that will save a little time and generally is done on the cheap!

Hands Down Best New Mom Tip

This tip today is hands down the best tip I received as a new mom.  As a new mom you are constantly getting advice and sorting through what’s good or not is always a challenge.  Now I was a pretty calm first mom and don’t even get me started on the second one.  All I can say is VERY laid back.  So a lot of the advice I kind of through out the window because I am not a worrier.

When I was given the tip to double sheet the bed my ears perked up.  Hmm now I wondered what would be the reasoning behind that?  Well I quickly learned after bringing Coulter home.  The first night he was sick and vomited in his bed.  You know the night I am talking about when you are a sleep deprived mom and at 2 a.m. your up changing sheets and putting new ones on.  Well now the lights are on and your little one is awake and clearly going back to bed is not in the cards for you.

Welcome double sheeted bed.  It can be a tight fit at first but we double sheet both of the kids bed.  Then when the sickness hits in the middle of the night we can strip the sheets off in the dark and everybody is back to bed in a couple of minutes.  Brilliant!

Hands down this was my favorite piece of advice as a new mom and the one that I have used the most.

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